5 Straightforward Tips For Improving Website Content

Tips For Improving Website ContentAre you looking for quick tips that will help in improving website content?

Content is said to be everything because people connect more with high-quality content and it is responsible for converting your website visitors into customers.

Content writing can sometimes be terrifying if not executed rightly.

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Here are some straightforward guidelines to set you on the right path:

5 Quick Tips For Improving Website Content

1. Write persuasive website content


Google Webmaster Guidelines suggest that you should make your content persuasive.

But what does that really mean?

It means don’t just write the kind of content everyone else writes, write stuff worth reading.

Create content that’s useful to people that will visit your site. A good example is an article that talks about the history of a topic, or an interesting side-note that the general public might not know about.

How about step-by-step instructions?

Another way you can create compelling content is by posting things that are newsworthy.

2. Write unique content


If you want people to listen to what you have to say (and come back for more), write from a different angle.

Write on subjects you know well and try and take some risks, your pages need to be unique.

Many eCommerce sites copy product descriptions or paragraphs from other websites.

Such sites may be penalised by Search engines for using duplicate content.

Search engines evaluate content down to the sentence, so make sure that each sentence you publish is your own.  Stick to what you know

3. Use your keywords


Do you even know what keyword is? How about effective keywords?No, right?

Keyword(s) is/are a word(s) in a text document that is used in an index to describe the contents of the document. It’s usually a significant or descriptive word.

For example, If I want to write an article to teach people “how to grow Instagram followers“, I will have to do a keyword research to understand the exact word phrase people type on Google in idea to understand what specific keyword to optimise my article for.

Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page.

Make sure you remember to sprinkle keywords throughout your site’s content.

The general rule is to include sufficient amount of keywords in your content. You can maintain 2.5% of word count so as to avoid keyword stuffing.

4. Write the right amount of Content


Publishing the right amount of content on a regular basis is vital as an online marketer.

The amount of content may differ from company to company, but a general rule is that you need to be consistent.

Typically a page needs 300 – 700 words. But I recommend that you go as much as 1500 words If you can. It can be difficult to write that much

in one sitting, but you can always split it up and publish a little at a time.

You can create a simple content outline and break it down into blocks, and this makes your pages easier to read (and easier for you to write).

5. Update your content regularly


At the bare minimum, update your site’s content at least once a year.

Admittedly, this can be quite the undertaking for sites that feature dozens of individual pages.

Don’t forget to re-evaluate your content every time you’re thinking a redesign of your website. When you change your site’s layout, you need to consider how you could maximize your content within new constraints.

In conclusion:As a parting message, make sure you don’t just throw out your original information when rewriting content for your site.

Doing so could adversely affect your site’s SEO. Every time you rewrite content, run a split-page test to determine which language converts users better.

Direct half of your traffic to the original content and half to the new content. After the test is over, determine which content was more successful in converting clients, and then consider why that might be.

We have a digital marketing training course that takes content marketing seriously, you can learn a lot if you attend our next digital marketing training starting soon.

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