I am so grateful that you have taken the time to consider partnering with adhubbing to serve you. While we are proud of our work and the results we will help you achieve … it is the relationships we build that will endure. I look forward to working closely with you and your team.

– Fatima Binta, Founder/MD


  • Recognized as one of the top digital agencies in Nigeria
  • Founded in 2015
  • 4x company growth from 2015 till date
  • 2 Google-certified digital marketing strategists
  • 4 HubSpot-certified inbound marketing professionals
  • Globally recognized digital marketing skill certified .

We’ve never raised a dime of venture capital — 100% of our business is funded by our customers — which gives us the ability to focus on the customer success and think long term while building the industry’s highest-quality training and consulting products and deliver them with high standards.

We believe in being the best. In a world where companies compete with pricing, we believe in competing with value as this what makes us the best in the business and people will pay for value from the best.


It is how we have grown our businesses and helped thousands of people to be successful in their business and career in various countries and continents.

Through a relentless ambition, we now have a brilliant team of experts in Nigeria with experience working with various clients both within Nigeria and internationally.

Our team continually grow their knowledge and expertise as we solve challenging digital marketing problems for our clients daily. So far we’ve worked with clients in various countries and continents (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, United Kingdom, United States and many more).

We have truly been around the block and we get our hands dirty. We have also made countless mistakes along the way. We have generated over 10,000,000 Website Traffic and ran over 1,300 Digital Marketing Test. We have sent over 1,000,000 Email Marketing Campaigns and we have achieved over 5,000,000 Social Engagement.


Our clients know that we focus 100% on making sure they succeed because we believe if you succeed then we would as well.

We believe every digital marketing campaign should be directly linked to your revenue and not just numbers of social likes, followers and traffic.

We believe we shouldn’t teach something until we have tested it out first. We believe nothing is working until we see actual conversions.

We believe digital marketing is the most important and rewarding activity a business needs to do and they need people that can deliver on promise to achieve their goals. And finally, we believe you will only go for the best and that’s us.


If you are also wondering why you should attend our course instead of another course, then you should watch the videos below and Click Here to Learn More About Our Digital Marketing Course

Top decision makers and employees from these great companies choose  Adhubbing Digital Agency over other training companies to learn Digital Marketing:

No1 Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria

No1 Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria


We take the guesswork out of digital marketing to help make rapid career and business growth available to EVERYONE.

If you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, then we can show you how to run effective digital marketing campaigns that drive more traffic, sales, and profit for your company.

If you’re an individual looking to start or grow a career in digital marketing then we will show you exactly how to succeed and support you all the way.

Best of all, we know our advice works because we actually DO this stuff for a living and it has been tested by over 500 people in various countries and continents.

We deliver digital marketing consulting and training solutions based on the goals that matter to you most – growing audiences, engaging with customers, generating demand, retaining more customers, having a successful career and business.

We love Digital Marketing – it’s so progressive and drives businesses forward and it is the most in-demand job available today.

We’ve worked, hands-on, with over 500 people in different industries, countries and continents (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, United Kingdom, United States and many more) to succeed in their career or business.

What we are really great at, is helping people succeed in their business and career using various digital marketing channels and proven digital marketing techniques.

Our clients come to us because they trust us to help them succeed in their business and career.

If you want to grow your sales, customer base and profit or secure a high rewarding career or make money online then you are in the right place.

In-house training

In-house training
In-house training

Online Courses

Online Courses
Online Courses

Webiners and Ebooks

Webiners and Ebooks

Digital Marketing Challenge

21 days Digital Marketing Challenge

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs N5K per month


We run Ads for Companies
We run Ads for Companies

Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program is a marketing strategy designed to encourage you to continue implementing all you have learnt from our training. we also give latest insight and share digital marketing job opportunities.
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Best Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria
No1 Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria


“To help businesses succeed through excellent digital services, focused on results.”


“One of the world’s biggest digital agency”.

What We Do … to help our clients

We have a wide array of services to offer our clients. But we can generally boil all of our services down into one of these 3 general categories:


We help you develop a winning strategy that maximizes your effectiveness while minimizing the time and money required to achieve your goals.

WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Our  design team will create the best looking and most effective website possible – for your situation.


Simply stated, we get results. Whether you are looking for more website traffic, more leads, more sales, more social followers, higher engagement rates, higher email open rates … whatever your needs – we get it done. Guaranteed.

Client Profile … our “best fit

We serve clients of all sizes. However, we are particularly well suited to help clients of this type


Our services are aimed at solidly established businesses who are already profitable. We are not well-suited for most start-ups.


We tend to work best with companies who are results-driven and are interested in setting real goals and meeting objectives.


Most of our clients have already worked with other agencies who have underperformed. This creates a “healthy skepticism”. We thrive on this … as long as it hasn’t killed your faith completely.


The more aggressive you are with your goals, the more excited we get. It’s fun for us to work with companies that want to dominate their market.


“Let’s start small. See some results. Once we see that this is working and we’ve made some money, we can look at stepping up to a bigger budget down the road”. -Nearly Every Client We’ve Ever Worked With

We get it. Most of our clients started “smaller”. We can develop a strategy that allows you to grow without causing you to spend more than you’re comfortable with. A great solution is one that helps you achieve your goals WITHOUT causing you “budget stress”!

Adhubbing company logo- No1 digital marketing agency in Abuja Nigeria

Your company + our team = a powerful combination

We’re Pretty Awesome!

  • DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST -Amazing results start with amazing strategies. We’ve worked with the top companies in the world. Many of them used us specifically for strategy!
  • EXPERT WEBSITE DESIGNERS -The website is still the hub of your digital presence. We are able to deploy awesome solutions because we have awesome “web guys”.
  • TALENTED GRAPHIC ARTISTS -Great looking assets are a must! From web pages to email blasts to social media posts, everything must look great!
  • SEO EXPERTS -Ranking at the top of GOOGLE requires skill and persistence.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS -Growing your social footprint and creating engaged followers is an art and a science. You need a talented team leading the charge.
  • SKILLED CONTENT WRITERS -Great content is the engine that makes everything run. Your website, sales material, email blasts, social media posts, etc. – all need great content writing.


why we do what we do

An Attitude of Gratitude More than anything else, our team is grateful for our many blessings. It is a topic that is discussed frequently. We are grateful first and foremost for the love of the Almighty. We are grateful that we live in the greatest country in the world. We are grateful that we are able to earn a living doing what we love to do. Finally, we are grateful for our clients and the trust they have given us.

The Big Picture The work we do matters. We understand that, in many cases, the children of our clients may (or may not) be able to afford to go to the college of their dreams – depending on the job we do. Extra vacations and time with family and friends often hang in the balance.

Retirement may be possible years earlier if we get the job done properly and help our clients make more money. These are not just projects to us … these are the lives and the dreams of our clients … and we are honored to be considered a trusted advisor to the people we serve.


To your success.


We understand that nearly every company wants MORE.

  • More website traffic
  • More social media followers
  • More leads
  • More sales

The first 3 tasks can be accomplished by any quality marketing agency. Although, we believe that we can outperform most companies in these areas.

Converting more leads into more sales is where the problem usually occurs. This is because most marketing companies don’t understand how to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Our approach to every project is to design for the maximum alignment of sales and marketing initiatives from the beginning. This ensures that you will achieve the greatest possible results.

 In our approach for most companies, the sales + marketing process is so effective that sales associates become order-takers. By the time you hear from a prospect, they are often simply looking to place an order.


A different kind of digital marketing agency ….



Read. Learn. Grow.

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