9 Customer Retention Strategies To Keep Customers Coming Back

customer retention strategies

A low customer retention rate is similar to filling a container with holes in the bottom. Peter Drucker (American-Austrian management consultant) once said the purpose of a business is to make and keep a customer.

People who have an online business can attest that’s quite challenging to keep customers coming back to your website.

Every small business loves the exposure, empathy and sense of community that having a website that’s a daily destination for customers can generate.

But getting people to visit on a day to day basis can be a tough hurdle, particularly if updates are occasional or all you have to offer is the irregular monotone press release or product announcement.

Having a great customer retention approach that allows your business clients to come back asking for more is such a big deal if not followed by the right strategies.

Thankfully, building a website that’s “sticky” enough to keep users engaged and coming back doesn’t have to require spending thousands or reinventing yourself as the next online media king.

One way of reducing customers not returning to your website is to focus more on your current clients instead.

After all, whether clients have visited your business once or a number of times, you have already broken the ice with them. They already know what to expect from their previous experience, they have a feel for the staff, and they have started to get to know the expert who’s looking after them.

If you want to learn more about customer retention strategies that will help you retain more customers, you should consider attending our digital marketing training course.

This course will reveal more in-depth every piece of information you are about to read below.


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All it takes is a little elbow grease and personal touch, as indicated by the simple customer retention strategies below, each outlined to send your homepage’s daily number of visitors growing.

Let start by understanding what customer retention is.

What is customer retention?

Customer retention rate is how well a company keeps its paying customers over a period of time.

A low customer retention rate is similar to filling a bucket with holes in the bottom — sure, you could keep piling on to make up for it, or you could find out what caused the holes and how you can fix them. Retaining customers costs less than acquiring them, and both add to your company’s bottom line; revenue doesn’t care where it comes from, earned or saved.

In a country like Nigeria where the resources are dwindling coupled with a harsh business environment, it is important we get our customer retention strategy perfectly.

And basically, for you as a business owner to continue to ensure sustainability in business you also need to get it working perfectly.

So, let’s get started…

Here are the Top Customer Retention Strategies Needed to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again.

1. Connect And Communicate

Most new modern websites have ignored blogging today.

What many don’t know is:

Blogging should be an essential part of any modern website.

After all, a few clicks are literally all it takes to post updates in real-time around the clock, creating a steady stream of content that promises something new and exciting with every visit.

Better still, professionals at all experience levels have the capability of readily doing it, and the practice also helps put a personal face on your organisation, shining the spotlight on the individuals behind it.


To really captivate a one-time visitor enough to keep them returning, take note of this:

You’ll also need to provide a content that’s dynamic, original and offers measurable informational or entertainment value, plus speak in a language that everyone can understand.

In short, the occasional pre-approved sound bite from the HR guy or gal won’t cut it.

Rather, you need to approach website audiences like you’re having a healthy conversation and give content with meaningful substance to the reader.

Making-of articles, features detailing how to get more from your products, partner profiles, project diaries, step-by-step how-to guides, interviews with notable personalities or internal stakeholders: All present compelling ways to connect with audiences while also keeping them interested and informed, providing ample incentive to keep coming back.

You’ll also need to provide a content that’s dynamic, original and offers measurable informational or entertainment value, plus speak in a language that everyone can understand.CLICK TO TWEET

2. Emphasise Community Building


As social media insiders well know, creating a sense of community around your website is one of the most powerful tools for engaging and ultimately enthralling prospective fans.

But doing so doesn’t simply mean throwing up a sponsored message board then leaving it to stagnate, or e-mailing customers sporadic newsletter updates that disgorge existing material easily found elsewhere.

Rather, you have to not only promote discussion and actively take part in conversations by committing internal time and resources but also make customers feel as if they truly have a voice in the discussion by attending to their concerns, responding and sourcing feedback at every opportunity.

Implementing programs that recognise and reward valued contributors is also vital, as is creating fan-based initiatives that allow community members to contribute and share ideas, concepts and creations of their own.

Even simply giving enthusiasts the chance to submit designs for your next fundraiser’s logo or arranging times where they can chat with top execs to provide input on upcoming ventures won’t just engender goodwill.

They’ll also excite and empower a legion of amateur brand ambassadors–an essential source of free ongoing updates and constructive conversations, which will both attract users to and keep them enamoured with your site.

Implementing programs that recognise and reward valued contributors is also vital, as is creating fan-based initiatives that allow community members to contribute and share ideas, concepts and creations of their own.CLICK TO TWEET

3. Design For Mass Distribution


Sharing is good–even more so if you’ve got a message that deserves spreading and it winds up in front of millions of eyeballs.

As such, you should be not only updating your website with unique pieces of content (surveys, research reports, custom editorial clips, guides to solving common problems, unique looks behind-the-scenes, etc.) designed to grab viewers’ attention, but also making everything from blog posts to pictures, photos, PDF documents and videos shareable, embeddable and ready to be commented upon or re-tweeted via social media platform.

When it comes to corporate assets, the tendency–especially among hyper-competitive start-ups–is always to tightly hold and control.

But often, the more powerful strategy is to design pieces of content with the specific idea in mind of seeding them throughout the user community, as it’s a great way to build brand awareness.

Beyond heightened exposure and additional media mentions, using your website to disseminate unique, specially branded pieces of content can also lead to improved search engine optimisation results through a larger number of incoming links.

And, more important still, generate heightened word of mouth surrounding your homepage, letting countless potential readers know exciting things are happening there on a regular basis.

Sharing is good–even more so if you’ve got a message that deserves spreading and it winds up in front of millions of eyeballs.CLICK TO TWEET

If you want to learn more about customer retention strategies that will help you retain more customers, you should consider attending our digital marketing training course.

This course will reveal more in-depth every piece of information you are about to read below.

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4. Focus On Value



There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Another strategy needed to keep customers coming back is to centre your content to drive value.

Exclusive specials, contests, promotions and timed discounts can all be powerful drivers of website traffic, especially in these cost-conscious times. By offering direct bargains and rebate programs on both an ongoing and sporadic basis through your online headquarters, you can keep customers’ interest piqued, and generate additional sales.

These marketing programs become even more relevant when coupled with Facebook, Twitter and other social marketing tools, which have the potential to help news spread like wildfire online.

Just ensure that the only place such bargains can be found is on your website homepage, and be consistent in terms of the pages to which you drive this traffic, to establish in shoppers’ minds the importance of regularly checking a certain destination.

Similarly, establishing rapport with key bloggers and members of the media can also help reinforce the message, as can a regular series of e-mail or newsletter updates designed to inform current and prospective buyers. Customers get to save on purchases while you benefit from enhanced publicity and heightened sales, creating a win-win situation for all.

Another strategy needed to keep customers coming back is to centre your content to drive value.CLICK TO TWEET

5. Use Targeted Demonstrations

While special membership options, premium subscription packages and frequent buyer programs can all prove great incentives, services that you freely give away are often just as important as those that you reserve for more exclusive clients.

Whether you’re looking at giving free computer virus scans by having users visit your homepage, providing a suite of free continuing learning resources or simply hosting an archive of complementary, corporate-branded webinars on software engineering, realize: Providing helpful services or information at no charge that solve pressing, evergreen problems or answer important questions can all serve to generate a steady source of online traffic, and provide a ready supply of leads to upsell on premium services. Sometimes you have to give in order to get.

It may seem counterintuitive, but ultimately, the practice makes a ready way to demonstrate your organisation’s abilities to a conceivably lucrative customer base, while also delivering the benefits by partnering on more exceptional or long-term services.

Services that you freely give away are often just as important as those that you reserve for more exclusive clients.CLICK TO TWEET

6. Ask For Customer Feedback Regularly

Analytics and data give you all sorts of insights into what your customers want from your business.

But sometimes…

Don’t you wish you could get an answer straight from your customers?

That’s what customer feedback is all about.

If you are looking to retain more of your customers, you need to leverage on customer feedback strategy.

Whether you set up a short, online survey for your clients to complete after their buying experience, or you ask for feedback via email or text, all feedback (whether good or bad) is essential for you to see your business through your customers’ eyes.

It’s important to take the feedback on board, too, and act on it.

Here are the 5 best ways to get consistent (and high quality) feedback from your customers:

  • Surveys
  • Feedback boxes
  • Reach out directly
  • User activity
  • Usability Tests

Kissmetrics have a detailed article that covers how to get the best feedback from your customers. Kindly read through that article to have better insight on how to channel your business to collect these important feedbacks.

If you are looking to retain more of your customers, you need to leverage on customer feedback strategy.CLICK TO TWEET

If you want to learn more about customer retention strategies that will help you retain more customers, you should consider attending our digital marketing training course.

This course will reveal more in-depth every piece of information you are about to read below.

Click here to access our course page or visit the link => https://www.adhubbing.com/digital-marketing-course/

7. Always Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

Another customer retention strategy that works really well, is to exceed your customers’ expectation.

Customer service has never been so important, yet many firms seem to have lost sight of their customers.

More and more customers prefer buying goods and services on the internet as it provides greater flexibility, speed and choice.

As a result, organisations are adding more and more content to their websites, which is fuelling the customer’s thirst for knowledge.

However, what they’re often missing is that this increase in knowledge is leading to an increase in questions of a more complex nature.

As a result, there is a growing requirement for good online support as well as traditional offline support for those customers who need or want it.

When you go out of your way to make a client feel special, go that extra mile, your client will remember the extra effort and how you made them feel.

In turn, they’ll be more likely to share the ins and outs of this experience with their friends and family, and when they hear what a fabulous business you have, they’ll be picking up the phone to make another purchase.

Another customer retention strategy that works really well, is to exceed your customers’ expectation.CLICK TO TWEET

8. Utilize Positive Social Proof

Social proof (also known as informational social influence) is a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behaviour in a given situation.

Whatever is it you’re selling, it likely doesn’t sell itself. And neither does you just talking about how great it is, which is where social proof comes in.

From testimonials to number of customers you’ve worked with to social media presence, social proof is a mighty powerful force.

The big mistake businesses often make is that they use negative social proof to increase the effectiveness of their call-to-action, which could be destroying their conversion rates!

While negative social proof has been proven to dissuade customers rather than encourage them, numerous studies on customer motivation have shown that positive social proof (like testimonials) are commonly the most effective strategy for getting people to listen.

While negative social proof has been proven to dissuade customers rather than encourage them, numerous studies on customer motivation have shown that positive social proof (like testimonials) are commonly the most effective strategy…CLICK TO TWEET

9. Surprise Your Customers Often


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

You might be inclined to ask though, how do you surprise your customers?

Here’s where the data about your customers turn of value.

If you know the date on which a customer’s birthday or wedding anniversary falls, send them a personalized greeting along with a cake.

Want to do something even cooler?

Send the customer a simple, fun video greeting!

The ROI of doing such an initiative might not be quantifiable but your customer will eternally remember the moment a business that entertains hundreds or thousands of customers each day took time off to wish one particular person.

Surprises can totally make anyone’s day. They provide quite the elation and in most cases, turn a satisfied customer into a delighted one.CLICK TO TWEET

I will stop writing here. If you are seriously searching for tips to bring back customers, try out all the aforementioned customer retention techniques.

Although, we have a hand full of effective customer retention strategies that we share with folks who have registered for our digital marketing training course.

I think you should check out this course page to see what we offer and how you can benefit from our core digital marketing training in Nigeria.

Or use the link => https://www.adhubbing.com/digital-marketing-course/

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30 Fast Ways To Increase Website Traffic For Free


30 Ways To Increase Website Traffic For Free

1. Blog, Blog, Blog

Blogging really does drive traffic to your website.

We recently ran an experiment where we increased our blogging to 3 posts per week. Our aim was to get at least 10,000 monthly organic traffic.

Targeting the right keyword, we were able to grow our traffic from 0 (in January) to 10,975 (in September). That’s about 10,000% increase in traffic in just 6 months.

See image below:

Digital Marketing Skill Institute organic traffic analysis January to September 2017

And this isn’t an unusual occurrence. Another company called Convirza ran a similar experiment with even better results.

But, if you’re going to blog, you better do number nine.

Our digital marketing training course will reveal proven SEO strategy you can use to grow your website traffic from zero to hundreds of thousands. All you have to do is click to register to attend our next digital marketing training course.

2. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020


Quite a lot thinks SEO is probably ineffective or not working?

Think again.

Don’t just blog, pay close attention to on-page SEO tactics.

If you want how to increase website traffic for free, then don’t ignore your on-page SEO effort.

Optimizing your content for search engines is still a helpful and worthwhile practice.

The question now is…

  • Are you making the most of image alt text?
  • Are you creating internal links to new content?
  • What about Meta descriptions?

Optimizing for on-page SEO doesn’t have to take ages, and it could help boost your organic traffic.

Think SEO is dead? Think again. Optimizing your content for search engines is still a helpful and worthwhile practice. Are you making the most of image alt text?CLICK TO TWEET

3. Target Long-Tail Keywords


Got your high commercial intent keyword bases covered?

No, I guess?

Well, If you are already optimising your write-ups for SEO but not targetting the right keyword. Then you might as well be doing the wrong thing.

If you are searching for how to increase website traffic through Google…


It’s time to target long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords account for a majority of web searches, meaning that if you’re not targeting them as part of your paid search or SEO efforts, you’re missing out.

4. Get Traffic Through Advertising


This one is so apparent, and never should you ignore advertising when looking to increase website traffic fast.

Perhaps, you need ad budget to get this rolling.

So we can agree that this isn’t a free method of increasing your website visitors.

Paid search, social media advertising and display advertising are all excellent ways of attracting visitors, building your brand and getting your site in front of your targeted audience.

Adjust your paid strategies to suit your goals.

Do you just want more traffic, or are you looking to increase conversions, too? Each paid channel has its pros and cons, so think carefully about your objectives before you reach for your credit card.

Adjust your paid strategies to suit your goals. Do you just want more traffic, or are you looking to increase conversions, too? Each paid channel has its pros and cons, so think carefully about your objectives before you reach for…CLICK TO TWEET

If you’re hoping that more traffic to your site will also result in more sales, you’ll need to target high commercial intent keywords as part of your paid search strategies.

Yes, competition for these search terms can be fierce (and expensive), but the payoffs can be worth it.

5. Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Pixel

Facebook is a great promotion tool whether you’re in the B2B or B2C industry.

But did you know you can set up re-marketing audiences on Facebook?

By installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your site you can continue to market to customers who have visited your site. This is a great way to build returning traffic to your business blog or website.

And you can start re-marketing to audiences as small as 100 visitors.

If you are new to Facebook marketing, why don’t you click here to register for our next digital marketing training? We will show you just what you need to get started with Facebook advertising and retargeting.

6. Facebook Email Custom Audiences

Still on Facebook Advertising matter…

Staying with Facebook, you can also give that email list of yours a second life.

Instead of just using it to blast emails to your customers once in a while, you can upload that list into Facebook and capture the social accounts of anyone that has their email address attached to it.

This is a HUGE benefit since it will allow you to promote your products to those users on their mobile devices.

7. Twitter Remarketing

twitter remarketing

Just like Facebook remarketing, Twitter remarketing works in almost the exact same way.

Simply install the pixel and you can now target the visitors of your site on Twitter.

The main difference is that Twitter will require a higher minimum audience count before you can start advertising towards them, 500 people to be exact.

8. Twitter custom audiences

twitter custom audience

Just like Facebook, you can also target Twitter users on their mobile devices by uploading their emails into Twitter.


If you cannot get at least 500 users into your custom audience through an email upload, then you won’t have the required minimum to advertise towards them.

 9. Leverage Social Media


It’s not enough to produce great content and hope that people find it – you have to be proactive.

One of the best ways to increase website traffic is to use social media channels to promote your content.

Twitter is ideal for short, snappy (and tempting) links, whereas Google+ promotion can help your site show up in personalized search results and seems especially effective in B2B niches.

If you’re a B2C product company, you might find great traction with image-heavy social sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Click here to learn how to implement our PROVEN Step-By-Step Plan For Guaranteed Traffic, Profitable Advertising Campaign and a System for Acquiring New Customers.

 10. Examine Your Analytics Data


Google Analytics is an invaluable source of data on just about every conceivable aspect of your site, from your most popular pages to visitor demographics.

Keep a close eye on your Analytics data, and use this information to inform your promotional and content strategies.

Pay attention to what posts and pages are proving the most popular. Inspect visitor data to see how, where and when your site traffic is coming from.

These analytics stats can help you understand your website visitors completely and know how to better increase website traffic.

Click here to join our digital marketing training to learn how to analyse and audit your website traffic.


11. Write Irresistible Headlines


Headlines are one of the most vital parts of your content.

Without a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread.

Master the art of headline writing.

Good headlines will increase CTR (Click Through Rate) thereby increasing your website traffic tremendously.

For example:

You can come up with ten to twenty different headlines before finally settling on the one that will drive the most website traffic, so think carefully about your headline before you hit “publish.”

Headlines are one of the most vital parts of your content. Without a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread.CLICK TO TWEET

If you don’t know how to come up with interesting headlines for your title, then check Title Generator as a tool to generate headlines.

12. Start Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is never dead, despite what you may have heard.

Securing a guest post on a reputable site can increase website traffic fast.

It can also help build your brand into the bargain.

Be warned, though standards for guest blogging have changed radically during the past one year, and spammy tactics could result in stiff penalties.

So… proceed with caution!

13. Allow For Guest Blogging on Your Site


Guest blogging is a two-way thing.

In addition to posting articles to other blogs, you can as well invite people in your niche to blog on your own site.

They’re more likely to share and link to their guest article, which could bring new readers to your site. And that’s a win-win for both parties.

Just be sure that you only post high-quality, original content without spammy links, because Google is cracking way down on low-quality guest blogging.

14. Post Articles On LinkedIn


LinkedIn has become much more than a means of finding another job.

The world’s largest professional social network is now a valuable publishing platform in its own right, which means you should be posting content to LinkedIn on a regular basis.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Doing so can boost traffic to your website, as well as increase your profile within your industry especially if you have a moderate to large following.

We do this a lot in our LinkedIn account, and it has driven a few hundreds of visitors to our website.

15. Build Internal Links


The authority of your link profile isn’t solely determined by how many websites link back to you. It can also be affected by your internal linking structure.

When writing and publishing fresh content, be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities for internal links.

This not only helps Search Engine Optimization but also results in a better, more useful experience for the user, which is the cornerstone of increasing traffic to your website.

The strength of your link profile isn’t solely determined by how many websites link back to you it can also be affected by your internal linking structure.CLICK TO TWEET

16. Interview Industry Thought Leader


Do you think interviews are only for the big leaguers?

You’d be amazed how many people will be willing to talk to you if you just ask them.

Send out emails requesting an interview to thought leaders in your industry, and publish the interviews on your blog.

Not only will the name recognition boost your credibility and increase traffic to your website, the interviewee will probably share the content too, further expanding its reach.

17. Don’t Ignore Email Marketing


The benefits of email marketing are so glaring!

So many businesses are focused on attracting new clients through content marketing that they forget about more traditional methods.

We have trained so many business owners how to do email marketing right.

Email marketing can be a powerful tool, and even a moderately successful email blast can result in a significant uptick in traffic. Just be careful not to bombard people with relentless emails about every single update in your business.

Also, don’t overlook the power of word of mouth marketing, especially from people who are already enjoying your products or services.

A friendly email reminder about a new service or product can help you boost your traffic, too.

18. Build An Email List


I just told you how you can use emails for attracting new clients, but they’re also an amazing tool for driving traffic through a newsletter.

Make sure that you have a newsletter opt-in on your website. There are certain tools online that will help you grow your email list.

In fact:

19. Make Sure Your Website is Responsive


Gone are those days when internet browsing was done only on desktop computers.

Today, more people than ever before are using mobile devices to access the web.

Responsiveness is not an option anymore.

It is essential that you have a website that is highly responsive and can adapt to any screen resolution.

If you force your visitors to pinch and scroll their way around your site, you’re basically telling them to go elsewhere.

Ensure that your website is accessible and comfortably viewable across a range of devices, including smaller smartphones.

This way, you can be sure that your website will retain more visitors and reduce your bounce rate tremendously.

20. Increase Your Website Load Time


Ever found yourself waiting thirty seconds for a webpage to load?

Me neither.

If your site takes forever to load, your bounce rate will be sky high.

Responsiveness and website speed are two important technical SEO factors that could affect your website traffic.

Make sure that your pages are as technically optimized as possible, including image file sizes, page structure and the functionality of third-party plugins.

The faster your site loads the better. (Check out this article on how to increase website load time)

21. Foster a Sense of Community


People want to share their minds on subjects they feel interested and passionate about, so building a community into your site is a great way to start a conversation and increase website traffic.

A quick way to achieve this is to…

Infuse a robust commenting system through third-party solutions such as Facebook comments or Disqus, or create a dedicated forum where visitors can ask questions.

Creating a Whatsapp community and sharing valuable articles that answer relevant topics can also be of great benefit.


Don’t forget to manage your community to ensure that minimum standards of decorum are met.

22. Make Yourself Heard in Comment Sections

How To Increase Website Traffic Free And Fast

You probably visit at least a few sites that are related to your business on a regular basis, so why not join the conversation?

Commenting doesn’t necessarily provide a quick surge of referral traffic right away, but…

Making a name for yourself by providing insightful, thought-provoking comments on industry blogs and sites is a great way to get your name out there which can subsequently result in driving more traffic to your own site.

Just remember that, as with guest posting, quality and relevance are key you should be engaging with other people in your niche, not dropping spam links on unrelated websites.

23. Host Webinars Often

How To Increase Website Traffic Free And Fast

People love to learn, and webinars are an excellent way to impart your wisdom to your eagerly waiting audience.

Combined with an effective social promotion campaign,  webinars are a great way to increase traffic to your website.

Send out an email a week or so ahead of time, as well as a “last chance to register” reminder the day before the webinar.

Ensure to archive the presentation for later viewing, and promote your webinars widely through social media.

If you’re wondering how to do webinars on your website, Google is your friend, He’s always there to assist you when needed.

24. Attend Conferences

How To Increase Website Traffic Free And Fast

Whatever industry you’re in, chances are there are at least one or two major conventions and conferences that are relevant to your business.

Attending these events is a good idea, speaking at them is even better.

Even a halfway decent speaking engagement is an excellent way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and gain significant exposure for your site.

25. Be Active on Social Media

20 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

It’s not enough to just share content through social channels you need to actively participate in the community, too.

Got a Twitter account? Then join in group discussions with relevant hashtags.

Is your audience actively leaving comments on your Facebook posts? Answer questions and engage with your readers.

Nothing turns people off quicker than using social media as a broadcast channel use social media as it was intended and actually interact with your fans.

Here are some articles that will help you get better engagement on social media.

26. Submit Your Content to Aggregator or Bookmarking Sites

How To Increase Website Traffic Free And Fast

My last tip on this long list that can also help you increase your website traffic is to get your articles mentioned on different social bookmarking websites.

Firstly, a disclaimer — don’t spam Reddit and other similar sites hoping to “hit the jackpot” of referral traffic, because it’s not going to happen.

Members of communities like Reddit are extraordinarily savvy to spam disguised as legitimate links, but every now and again, it doesn’t hurt to submit links that these audiences will find genuinely useful.

Choose a relevant subreddit, submit your content, then watch the traffic pour in.

27. Submit Your Content To Forum Sites


Firstly, a disclaimer – don’t spam Nairaland and other similar sites hoping to “hit the jackpot” of referral traffic, because it’s not going to happen.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Members of communities like Nairaland are extraordinarily savvy to spam disguised as legitimate links, but every now and again, it doesn’t hurt to submit links that these audiences will find genuinely useful.

There are plenty forums you can choose from.

All you gotta do is:

Choose a relevant forum, submit your content, then watch the traffic pour in.

28. Incorporate Video Into Your Content Strategy



Text-based content is all well and good, but video can be a valuable asset in both attracting new visitors and making your site more engaging.

Data shows that information retention is significantly higher for visual material than it is for text, meaning that video is an excellent way to grab – and hold – your audience’s attention, and boost traffic to your website at the same time.

29. Research The Competition


If you haven’t used software like BuzzSumo to check out what your competitors are up to, you’re at a huge disadvantage.

These services aggregate the social performance of specific sites and content to provide you with an at-a-glance view of what topics are resonating with readers and, most importantly, making the rounds on social media.

Find out what people are reading (and talking about), and emulate that kind of content to bring traffic to your website.

30. Mix It Up


There is no magic formula for content marketing success, despite what you think.

For this reason, vary the length and format of your content to make it as appealing as possible to different kinds of readers.

Combine shorter, news-based blog posts with long-form content as well as video, infographics and data-driven pieces for maximum impact.

Our digital marketing course will show you all you need to start a successful online business in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. (Click here to check out our digital marketing course page)

In C0nclusion

Since we don’t have the same budgets as our massive competitors, nor do we have the army of marketers that they can employ.  Small or medium-sized businesses can leverage on the various tips to increase website traffic very fast.

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5 Straightforward Tips For Improving Website Content


Are you looking for quick tips that will help in improving website content?

Content is said to be everything because people connect more with high-quality content and it is responsible for converting your website visitors into customers.

Content writing can sometimes be terrifying if not executed rightly.

We have a digital marketing training course that takes content marketing seriously, you can learn a lot if you attend our next digital marketing training starting soon.

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If you’re having difficulties deciding on how much content you need, or how frequently you should bring up keywords, you’re not alone.

Here are some straightforward guidelines to set you on the right path:

5 Quick Tips For Improving Website Content

1. Write persuasive website content


Google Webmaster Guidelines suggest that you should make your content persuasive.

But what does that really mean?

It means don’t just write the kind of content everyone else writes, write stuff worth reading.

Create content that’s useful to people that will visit your site. A good example is an article that talks about the history of a topic, or an interesting side-note that the general public might not know about.

How about step-by-step instructions?

Another way you can create compelling content is by posting things that are newsworthy.

2. Write unique content


If you want people to listen to what you have to say (and come back for more), write from a different angle.

Write on subjects you know well and try and take some risks, your pages need to be unique.

Many eCommerce sites copy product descriptions or paragraphs from other websites.

Sucsites may be penalised by Search engines for using duplicate content.

Search engines evaluate content down to the sentence, so make sure that each sentence you publish is your own.  Stick to what you know.

3. Use your keywords



There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Do you even know what keyword is? How about effective keywords?

No, right?

Keyword(s) is/are a word(s) in a text document that is used in an index to describe the contents of the document. It’s usually a significant or descriptive word.

For example, If I want to write an article to teach people “how to grow Instagram followers“, I will have to do a keyword research to understand the exact word phrase people type on Google in idea to understand what specific keyword to optimise my article for.

Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page.

Make sure you remember to sprinkle keywords throughout your site’s content.

The general rule is to include sufficient amount of keywords in your content. You can maintain 2.5% of word count so as to avoid keyword stuffing.

4. Write the right amount of Content


Publishing the right amount of content on a regular basis is vital as an online marketer.

The amount of content may differ from company to company, but a general rule is that you need to be consistent.

Typically a page needs 300 – 700 words. But I recommend that you go as much as 1500 words If you can. It can be difficult to write that much in one sitting, but you can always split it up and publish a little at a time.

You can create a simple content outline and break it down into blocks, and this makes your pages easier to read (and easier for you to write).

5. Update your content regularly


At the bare minimum, update your site’s content at least once a year.

Admittedly, this can be quite the undertaking for sites that feature dozens of individual pages.

Don’t forget to re-evaluate your content every time you’re thinking a redesign of your website. When you change your site’s layout, you need to consider how you could maximize your content within new constraints.

In conclusion:


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

As a parting message, make sure you don’t just throw out your original information when rewriting content for your site.

Doing so could adversely affect your site’s SEO. Every time you rewrite content, run a split-page test to determine which language converts users better.

Direct half of your traffic to the original content and half to the new content. After the test is over, determine which content was more successful in converting clients, and then consider why that might be.

We have a digital marketing training course that takes content marketing seriously, you can learn a lot if you attend our next digital marketing training starting soon.

Click here to learn more about the course outline or use the link => https://www.adhubbing.com/digital-marketing-course/

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11 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Change Your Online Marketing

It’s December and you know what? It’s that time of the year when people look forward to the new year and what to expect from it. For online marketers, we should be looking forward to new digital marketing trends.

Digital marketing trends such as voice search, artificial intelligence, personal assistants etc. are already altering the marketing landscape we’ve known, presenting a new challenge and opportunity for marketers, who will have to reassess their digital marketing strategy to accommodate such changes.

By 2020, after all, voice and image-based searches are expected to contribute at least half of all searches.

The truth is, we are already teaching some of these spanking new online marketing trends in our digital marketing training course.

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Among many, we will be seeing a marketing mix of new trends storming the online marketing space.

If I were you, I’d get my pen and paper because what you are about to read are some of the biggest revelations you as an online marketer won’t find anywhere on the internet.

So let’s get started right away!

11 Digital Marketing Trends

1. More brands will be optimising their content for Voice Search 

Google search

If there is one piece of technology that has captured marketers’ imagination this year it is voice recognition.

With voice search, you use your voice to perform actions on the web. And this is one significant trend that can govern the world of SEO.

Amid the rising popularity of voice-controlled devices, including Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, brands have jumped on the voice bandwagon.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

These are all valid ways of thinking about voice. Voice offers a new and innovative way to reach consumers that technologically advanced brands can take advantage of.

Domino’s Pizza, for example, sees voice as a way to sell more pizza and so has enabled customers to order directly through Alexa using voice.

The brand’s digital boss Nick Dutch admits it isn’t seeing huge sales from the channel now but it expects to in future and is “preparing for the fact this technology will be something people use”.

However, perhaps the bigger transformation for brands is in search.

In 2016, Google claims 20% of mobile search queries submitted via its app are already done using voice. Meanwhile, comScore estimates 30% of searches will be done without a screen by 2020.

That will have a big impact on search results and therefore SEO strategy.

Instead of consumers seeing a long list of results and being able to pick the most suitable one, most voice results will probably serve up just one answer.

The types of search queries are different too. When typing, people generally input queries such as ‘weather’ but in voice, they might ask ‘do I need an umbrella today?’. That offers more context and therefore more chance for brands to show up relevant content, but that requires a change of approach.

Because of this, smart marketers are developing ways to tailor their SEO strategies for voice search. As typed-out search terms become less popular, it’s going to get more and more important to start making those adjustments.

Here are some ways that the rise of voice search will shape the future of SEO, and some tips on how to prepare for it.

We expect to see more brands optimising their content for voice search (Voice SEO).

The popularity of voice search is certainly exciting — it’s often easier and more convenient than typed-out searches, and younger generations are attracted to its “cool factor.”

Because of this, it’s important that marketers pay attention to how this may affect their SEO.

Source: Marketingweek.com

2. Artificial intelligent (AI) in Marketing will rise to a new height

chatbot AI

AI is not new – in fact, you probably already interact with marketing AI on a regular basis when you see ads in search results and on social media. And, 57% of marketers already use AI.

However, the use of AI for marketing is only going to grow as the technology improves. It’s projected to grow by 53% in the next couple of years.

Projected this month, we are going to be seeing chatbots as an alternative to human-to-human interaction.

Chatbot can answer customers’ related questions. It uses artificial intelligence an machine learning to optimize the customer experience.
So, marketeer adds up to 90x efficiency using Artificial Intelligence.

It learns from human-to-human conversations and from customer behaviours.

It’s no coincidence that a company called ZhuiYi was founded just a year and a half ago by a group of former Tencent computer programmers and it’s already making waves in the field of chatbots.

Also, Singapore Airlines on Tuesday (Dec 12, 2017) announced that it has launched a chatbot designed to answer customer queries.

Another company who’s effectively using chatbots is Mall of America, their chatbot aims to give shoppers a personalised shopping experience.

So you see, companies are already using chatbots to enhance and automate customer experience.

In fact, Google has opened it’s Google’s chatbot analytics platform called Chatbase — that allows the usage of the chatbot can to be monitored in order to spot potential flaws or problems.

It can also provide useful insights that can improve the final user experience (watch the video embed below).

The truth is chatbots could even move into a conversational advertising role in the future, based on whom they are speaking with, and what is being discussed.

3. Video marketing will be massive in soon.

video marketing trends

How much video marketing is your brand doing right now?

If the answer is NO, well it’s time to start. Because if you don’t, then you’re going to be missing out on one of the biggest marketing trends set to skyrocket greatly.

In fact, according to Entrepreneur, soon, 80% of online content will be video. That’s a pretty incredible stat. So, it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

In Hubspot’s released State of Inbound 2016 report, video was set to play a large part of the strategic plan for brands and marketers in 2017.

When asked: What content distribution channels do you plan to add to your marketing efforts in the next 12 months?

This was the breakdown of the responses:

  • 48% YouTube
  • 39% Facebook video
  • 33% Instagram
  • 20% Messaging apps
  • 15% Podcasts
  • 13% Snapchat

Notice a trend there?

Beyond the heavy social media presence here, every single one of these distribution channels have a large (or solely) video component with the exception of podcasting.

The majority of marketers are looking to add channels that support video in their marketing efforts in 2017. Meanwhile, these figures are projected to increase as more brands would embrace video marketing.

Of course, there’s a reason why marketers are starting to love video because video provides results.

Check out this infographic from Hubspot:

infographic video stat

Video has the capacity to increase conversion rates and the infographic above say it all.

Here are some project video marketing trends you can’t ignore.

  1. Live video: Like AI, live video is nothing new, but it’s growing exponentially. Everyone wants a piece of Facebook Live. And, it isn’t just popular with marketers. People love watching live video too. In fact, 80% of users said they’d rather watch a live video than read a blog post, while according to Facebook, live video gets 3x more views. It is not only interesting for marketers due to the uniqueness of the content but it also generates more exposure and higher engagement. If you can include live video in your marketing strategy, it should eventually lead to more conversions.
  2. Mobile views: Considering that most people will watch your video on their mobile devices, it is important that the video is optimized for screens of smaller sizes. Besides that, a lot of people will watch your video with the sound on mute. That is why it is important to include subtitles or captions to share your message with the viewers.
  3. Interactive content: It will be much easier to understand when you explain yourself, your point of view or your business through video or audio. And by using more interactive content like videos, podcast or webinars, marketers can create content that will engage more with your audience.
  4. Personalization: Not just any video will be interesting enough for your audience to connect with. This trend can be combined with storytelling. There has to be a story behind your video. A story your audience can relate to, something personal. Not only a story to sell your product or services but a story that evokes emotions and creates a connection between you and your audience.

Here are some video platforms that marketers will leverage greatly.

  • Instalive (Instagram live videos)
  • Facebook live
  • Webinar
  • Youtube
  • Whatsapp Status (videos)
  • Linkedin videos
  • Video ads

Source: Zembula.com

4. Growth hacking will become a priority soon.

Growth hacking

Also known as growth driven tactics, these are marketing processes specifically targeted for increasing growth in revenue.

SEO is the still one of the best growth hacking strategies simply because you are getting more traction from people who are already inquiring about your product or service.

As technology evolves to allow additional search options, you have to adjust your strategy to meet your audience where they are looking for you.

Attracting leads with awesome content and exciting twists (such as a giveaway or a challenge) can help move the dial in converting these leads to sales.

The idea of “growth hacking,” which means seeking growth from a company’s existing traffic, driving marketing through technology, and gaining results through greater efficiency is a new mentality and skill that today’s company managers and marketers will need to master in in-depthly.

Here are some amazing growth hacking case studies inspired by technology

1. Shazam’s Growth Hacking Strategy: “Spreading The Word Offline”


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Music tech company Shazam came up with a neat marketing device to spread interest in its song-recognition app, while at the same time turning a problem to its advantage.

Shazam’s app allows its users to identify songs they hear at clubs, on the radio or at parties by recording a snatch of the music and matching it to an online database. When there’s a lot of background noise it can be tough for the software to do its work, so Shazam encourages users to hold their smartphones up to the speakers.

It’s a neat trick. Others see smartphones brandished and ask “what’s going on?” News of Shazam spreads quickly by word of mouth. The result – 500 million downloads.

2. Uber’s Growth Hacking Strategy: “Encouraging Advocacy”

With operations in 35 countries (including Nigeria) and a valuation of more than $30bn, Uber is a poster child for rapid scale-up. But in 2009, it was just a local car-hire company with a platform matching supply and demand and handling payments.

The company knew it was solving a range of problems associated with conventional cab services but it needed traction.

Its base in San Francisco was the key. Uber initially focused on the tech community, organising events and – crucially – free rides for those attending. Those who used the service told their friends about the experience. The result was rapid growth and model that could be rolled out elsewhere.

3. Facebook’s Growth Hacking Strategy: “Taking a Hard Line on Messenger”

Messenger was an important launch for Facebook, allowing the company to create a stand-alone messaging service that can be used by third parties to offer a range of services through Chatbots. Ultimately playing into Facebook’s future advertising plays.

But Facebook faces a challenge – namely that there are a great many people who already have the Facebook App itself on their smartphones. People who might well ask – why should I download Messenger?

To counter such resistance, Facebook has progressively turned off the message facility on its own app and telling mobile users they must migrate to Messenger. The result is a rapid growth curve to underpin the Facebook messaging masterplan.

Click here to check out more Growth Hacking case studies to inspire you.

5. Influencer marketing (Micro-influencers will be needed more)

micro influencer marketing

Micro influencers are 4x more likely to get a comment on a post than are macro-influencers (who usually have ~10 million followers)CLICK TO TWEET

Well, have you heard micro-influencer?

Think of micro-influencers as digital influencers with a total audience size of between 1,000 and 100,000 followers.

Surprised with the audience size?

There’s data to support it: Micro influencers are 4x more likely to get a comment on a post than are macro-influencers (who usually have ~10 million followers). Micro-influencers are more likely to post about specific niche topics and they have the loyal followings that share their passion and a staggering 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 33% trust ads.

With more than 32% of internet users enabling ad blocker in 2017, it’s increasingly harder to reach users and micro influencers can bridge that gap.

So, I believe that it will be rare for any brand to launch a campaign that doesn’t involve at least one social media influencer.

6. Quality content marketing will be prioritised in greatly.


High-quality content is in short supply so people will have to be creative in their approach and with whom they are working.CLICK TO TWEET

The aim of grabbing consumer attention through Content marketing will remain a key priority for marketers in the online marketing world.

Bill Gates was wrong when he said “content is king” in 1996. Content isn’t just king anymore, “Quality content is king!”

In this highly digitized world, high-quality content is in short supply so people will have to be creative in their approach and with whom they are working.

To develop super-relevant content requires speed, agility, and risk taking. And this will favour local companies (over multi-nationals) as they move faster, take bigger bets, and are therefore more able to be timely and relevant with their content.

7. Experience marketing is gaining popularity

experience marketing

Customer experience is hugely important. Customers see your business or brand as the sum of experiences they’ve had with you.CLICK TO TWEET

Customer experience marketing is exactly what it sounds like – making sure the customer has a good experience when you market to them.

And, it’s gaining popularity; 68% of marketers say their business is increasingly focusing on customer experience in marketing.

Customer experience is hugely important. Customers see your business or brand as the sum of experiences they’ve had with you. This could be anything from in-store customer service to finding your local listing online or seeing one of your business’s ads on Facebook.

Creating a great experience for the customer is more likely to help you gain brand loyalists. If they search for you online and find two different listings, or they receive bad customer service while making a purchase, they’re just not going to use your business again.

Let’s prepare to share a good customer experience when you market to them.

8. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) focused on proofs


This period may finally be the period that businesses start to become customer-centric and embrace intelligent, strategic conversion optimisation (I’ve been preaching that every year for what seems like a while now).

Amongst the heady mix of AI, machine learning, chatbots, data clouds, influencer marketing, and fixed mindsets within businesses, these trends will be harnessed by the few brands who choose to step outside of their comfort zon.

In a short while, I see more brands leveraging proofs.

Proof is the art of showing potential customers and clients that what you sell is both real and worth having. It’s one of the trickiest elements to get right in digital and inbound marketing, and can be the difference between appearing authentic or fake.

We live in an age of scepticism. People are consuming more and more content, and they’re bombarded with advertising wherever they go online, be it Facebook, news sites or YouTube.

More and more people are using ad blockers or developing ‘banner blindness’ to overcome the fact that they are constantly being targeted by someone.

Perhaps, with real proofs, you can display real-time customer activity notifications on your website and let your existing customers sell for you.

Have you heard of Useproof?

Well, if you are concerned about showing your potential customers that what you have to offer is both real and valuable to them with a bit of , then you might have to check out Useproof.com.

Useproof can do the following:

  • Activity Notifications: Display recent sales and opt-ins on your pages and drive visitors to convert.
  • Live Visitor Count: Show how many visitors are browsing your site – eg. “28 people are viewing this page”
  • Visitor Identification: Shows detailed profiles of every visitor who enters their email.
  • Customer Journeys: Watch visitors travel across your site and see which steps they take to convert.
  • Custom Timing: Control when, how long and how fast notifications display on your site.
  • Custom Rules: Granular control over how and when notifications display on your pages.
  • Mobile Optimized: With mobile traffic approaching 70%, Proof looks amazing on mobile.
  • Language Translation: Translate your notifications into any language you want.

9. Fluid marketing will thrive in gretly


“Fluid online marketing” is a multi-channel approach to online marketing that addresses each customer’s unique challenges in a way that can help you keep your brand in front of them.

Instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach, fluid online marketing leverages the very best growth opportunities for each customer’s situation.

In fluid marketing, you see your customers as a moving target, you will understand where the word “fluid” originate from.

The way fluid marketing works are you leveraging different channels to ensure that you deliver what your customers are looking for no matter where they are, what website they visit, social media platform they use etc.

Soon, fluid marketing will thrive! I see more marketers using features like re-targeting, customer audience and look alike audience to ensure customers are always reminded of what they left off.

10. Data Analysis

data analysis

If you’re maxing out on data and analytics this year, just wait.

The mass amount of information being created by the IoT has the power to revolutionise everything from manufacturing and healthcare to the layout and functioning of entire cities — allowing them to work more efficiently and profitably than ever before.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

One company, for instance, found that it was able to reduce the cost of managing its fleet of 180,000 trucks from 15 cents per mile to just 3 cents.

That same kind of efficiency can be exercised in almost every industry, from retail to city planning.

Tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, SAS and SAP are all heavily investing in Analytics, more specifically IoT Analytics as they are seeing the power of this combination in driving new business insights across a vast array of industries and applications.

11. Customer Journey Marketing

Given the way the complexity of marketing and digital marketing has increased, techniques like customer journey mapping for different personas are increasing in importance to help define the most relevant communications and experiences for different touchpoints in the customer journey.

customer journey effectiveness

To support this, the way I like to think about how to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing is to think from the customers’ viewpoint of the communications opportunity available through the customer lifecycle for different types of business.

We define lifecycle marketing as:

Creating a managed communications or contact strategy to prioritise and integrate the full range of marketing communications channels and experiences to support prospects and customers on their path-to-purchase using techniques such as persuasive personalised messaging and re-targeting.

We designed this mind-tool to help members think through all the potential touchpoints across paid, owned and earned media. Then you can perform a ‘gap analysis’ of the use and effectiveness of lifecycle comms you are using against those you could be using to increase the relevance and response of communications.

customer lifecycle

Source: Smartinsights.com

To sum it up:

Digital marketing trends all year round are going to be massive.

The likelihoods is going to be another exciting period for new and innovative ways to reach consumers and increase brand awareness. Accelerated advancement in technology is making it more challenging and marketing teams will need to explore, invest, experiment and adapt in order to keep up.

Do you agree with the digital marketing trends contained in this list? Or perhaps, do you have any of your own to add?

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How To Start Email Marketing | Free Email Marketing Guide For Beginners

Are you looking to start email marketing?

Here is a free email marketing guide that will show you how to start email marketing in Nigeria.

You are lucky you found this page because I want to teach you how you can start sending your email marketing campaigns to grow your customer base and sales faster.

With this free email marketing training, I will share with you how I grew our businesses and over 90% of our customers come from our daily email marketing campaign.

So, if you are serious about growing your customer and sales then email marketing is your most effective solutions.

I am not going to sell you on the importance of email marketing. If you’re here, you already know it’s an essential aspect of any digital marketing strategy because email marketing…

  • Is one of the highest ROI activities in your business…
  • Engages & nurtures both prospects and customers to generate new leads and sales…
  • Can be automated so that you can literally prospect and sell around the clock (even while you sleep)…

In other words, email marketing delivers traffic, leads and customers… and it can do all this on autopilot.

And that the most reason we cover it more in-depth in our digital marketing training course.

Click link to see course details => https://www.adhubbing.com/digital-marketing-course/

Who says that email marketing is ineffective globally?

If there is such a person, that means he or she must have been doing the wrong thing.

Email marketing is weird.

According to Return Path, email is consistently ranked as thehighest ROI marketing activity.” But despite that fact, if you ask most marketers and business owners about their email marketing efforts, their responses are typically less enthusiastic…

“We email our list every now and then…I just don’t know what to say.”

“I’m afraid if I email my list, they’ll get mad and unsubscribe.”

“I don’t like to email my list. What if they think I’m a spammer?”

Or the always-popular…

“Email marketing is boring.”

Say what you will about email marketing, but the fact is…

There’s Nothing Boring About DOUBLING Your Sales Without Having To Increase Your Ad Spend

Ordinary marketers may think email marketing is “boring”… …but smart marketers know better.

Smart marketers know that, when executed properly, there’s no faster, easier or more cost-effective way to generate sales out of thin air than email marketing.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

As far as email marketing is concerned, it remains an essential integral of online marketing. There are laid down principles associated with it and you must follow them to get desired result.

With the overwhelming breakthrough of social media, search engine optimization and mobile marketing, it’s safe to say email marketing is on the verge of death, right?


Email marketing is alive and well, and it’s arguably the most profitable means of marketing.

Here’s why:

Email marketing presents more opportunities for your business and drives a better return on investment. With email marketing, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

Think about it: Can you spend a day without checking your email?

Perhaps the most appealing advantage of email marketing is the return on investment. No print costs, no postage fees, no advertising rates. Email marketing is as affordable as marketing gets.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brings in $40 for every $1 spend, outperforming search, display and social marketing.

How To Start Email Marketing | Free Email Marketing Guide For Beginners

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a must.

In today’s ever-changing digital world, email marketing tends to take a backseat.

However, if you haven’t considered email marketing for your business already, now is the time. Email marketing is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool overlooked by many.

Email Marketing drives referrals

There aren’t many forms of marketing as easy to share as email marketing.

With the simple click of the forward button, subscribers can share your deals, offers and news with their friends. Subscribers who share your emails are acting as brand advocates.

Therefore, when a subscriber shares an email with friends, your brand gains more exposure and credibility.

Email Marketing increases brand awareness and allows you to sell more than once to the same customers

With each email sent, consumers are exposed to your business and your brand.

With strategic planning, smart design and targeted content, your business will consistently build value. In doing so, you stay top-of-mind with your audience.

Then, when a customer needs products or services, your business stands a much better chance of turning those leads into clients and clients into loyal and returning customers.

Email Marketing is Very Easy

With absolutely zero technical skills you’ll soon be emailing newsletters that look professional and breathtakingly beautiful.

Let’s get started with Email Marketing…

Before we proceed, I need you to understand that there is various email marketing software to begin your email marketing in Nigeria but for a proper understanding of this beginner’s guide to email marketing, we will be using one of the best email marketing software.

And that will be… GETRESPONSE!

Getresponse is just perfect for this tutorial because it has been useful and efficient when sending email campaigns to my own audience.Another reason why I like to use Getresponse is, I get the first month completely free. This means you can start building your list for free in the next 30 days!

Step 1: Register for GetResponse


So, I recommend Getresponse (Click here to register).

Use the signup form on the website to register.

I’ll be waiting for you before we can proceed with the email marketing guides below.

Your account needs to be approved before you can start sending your newsletters. A verification email would be sent to the email address used during the registration process. Make sure you verify your email to affirm ownership of that address.

Step 2: Getting Started With GetResponse

Watch this video below to learn how to get started with Getresponse email marketing software.

Now that you’ve seen how to add or upload contacts manually, send auto-responders, grow list and send newsletters. Let’s see how to setup an email campaign on GetResponse.

Step 3: Create a campaign

What is an email campaign?

A campaign is a set of messages, subscribers, web forms, and all of these things aren’t going to be related.

It’s best to give an example sometimes. Let’s say for example you sell two products, you may want to have two different campaigns for each product, that way all the subscribers and all of the messages that relate to that product that you are going to want to send to these particular subscribers are all in one place.

Then let’s say you have another product that has different types of people, different subscribers who are interested in it, a different set of messages, a different set of web forms, that would be in your separate campaign. This is just a great organizational tool, a way to keep your different email marketing campaigns separate, and everything that is related to one particular campaign or product in one place.

If you would like to create a new campaign, all you need to do is:

1. Go to your Current Campaign Menu on the top right of your account, dropdown the menu and choose Create Campaign.

2. Enter in your new campaign name here (Watch video below), keeping in mind some of these settings that you need to keep in mind for whenever you’re creating a name for example, such as only using alphanumeric characters, no spaces or special characters, and also the name must be unique.

So if another GetResponse customer is using the name you input, unfortunately, it can’t be accepted, but maybe you can try an alternative version and then once it gets accepted it will be good to go and you will see it in your current campaign drop-down menu.

Watch the video below to fully understand how to create a new campaign using GetResponse email software.

Now that you know how to setup an email campaign on GetResponse.send auto responders. What’s next?

Step 4: Integrate Getresponse to grow your list

How do contacts add themselves to my campaign? In this video, you will learn how to do that.

The option to subscribe should be easily accessible on your website and other online marketing channels, such as social media profiles (If you don’t already own a website.

you can simply click to register for our full digital marketing training to learn from us).

Here’s a list of GetResponse tools to grow your email marketing database:

1. Forms

Each form is assigned to a particular campaign. To create a form, choose Forms in the Dashboard menu and click Create new. Follow the steps then copy and paste the HTML or JavaScript code into your website. Contacts sign up for the campaign by submitting the form.

Make sure forms stand out from the rest of your content, clearly and visible from six feet away, so prospective subscribers notice it first. Include complete information about incentives to subscribe.

Quick Tip: Did you know that using the lightbox style can increase your subscription rate by up to 800%?

Quick Tip: If you use WordPress, our plugin lets you embed a sign-up form in seconds. Click here to read the instructions.

2. Landing page (extra paid add-on with Email plan)

Don’t have a website? No HTML knowledge? No problem! Use Landing Page to create an eye-catching web page, complete with a sign-up form visitors can’t resist.

In the Dashboard menu, choose Landing Page then click Create. Apply your settings, choose a predesigned template, and customize it using the editor. Click Save & Publish, and your page is ready to go.

3. Subscribe via email

You can let people subscribe to your campaigns by sending a blank email to your campaign email address. Simply create a unique email address for each campaign in the format campaign@getresponse.net, replacing the prefix campaign with your campaign name.

To enable this option, click the Settings (gear) icon to the right of the field Your current campaign. Click the General tab and scroll down to the Subscribe via email section. Click the button ON.

Include this email address in messages to cross-promote your campaigns, or place it on your website or business cards.

4. Social Media

Social media sites have become effective places to collect email addresses.

Sign-up Form on Your FanPage

Use the GetResponse Facebook App to place a sign-up form on your Facebook FanPage. Just create a sign-up form in GetResponse, and in the Publish step, click Go to app.

Publish a Landing Page on your FanPage

First, enable the Facebook integration under My Account >> Integration. Then in the first step of Landing Page Creator, click the Publish on Facebook Fanpage option.

The Landing Page will appear in the Landing Page tab on your FanPage.

Publish your Newsletter and RSS-to-email on your Twitter and Facebook accounts

First, integrate your social media accounts under My Account>>My Integrations. In the Settings step of Email Creator, turn ON those integrations at the bottom of the page.

Your messages will be published automatically on the selected social media sites, with a Subscribe button to enable social contacts to subscribe.

Social Media buttons

In the Newsletter Email Creator, drag ‘n’ drop any social media widget into the template, so your subscribers can click to share the messages on their social media accounts. Don’t forget to add a Forward button to encourage them to forward your newsletter and subscription link to their friends.

5. Webinars (extra paid add-on with Email plan)

When you create a webinar, you receive a unique link, which you can share in social media, place on your blog, or send via email. Every attendee (with registration mode disabled) or registrant (with registration mode enabled) to an email marketing campaign.

6. Survey

When creating a survey, choose the sign-up form as one of your questions from the list of question types. You not only collect subscriber information, you also capture their email address.

7. Web Archive Page

Finally, promote your web archive page — a newsletter directory where visitors can read your newsletters and subscribe to your campaigns.

Note: Depending on the opt-in settings your contacts may need to confirm the subscription to your campaigns. Learn below how to disable double opt-in (confirmation message) even though it’s imporatnt for verifying the email ownership and authenticity.

How can I disable confirmation message (double opt-in)?

It is your decision if you want to send a confirmation message. To disable double opt-in confirmation message, locate the field labelled your current campaign in the upper right corner. Click the down arrow to select a campaign and click the gear icon to the right of the campaign name.


In the Permission tab, uncheck boxes under Enable confirmed opt-in section to disable double opt-in for email and web subscriptions (forms). The forms created in the account have also separate settings for confirmed opt-in, please always check the form settings in the wizard.

If you leave the boxes checked the confirmation messages will be sent. Import subscriptions are set by default to single opt-in (no confirmation message is sent).


To disable confirmation message for your Landing page, uncheck the box for confirmed opt-in in landing page settings.



There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

I understand the fact that this guide might be too technically even if I’m giving it away for free.

However, we have included email marketing as a module in our full digital marketing training course, it’d be smart if you can click here to register to get started with email marketing with the help of our vibrant course facilitator.

Let’s proceed to the next steps below…

Step 5: Enabling instant notifications about new contacts

Here’s the video transcript:

You can enable instant notifications about new contacts in your Campaign settings for each of your campaigns in your account.

So first you want to choose the campaign you’d like to set this up for first from the Your Current Campaign dropdown menu and then click on the settings wheel to the right. Now that you’re in campaign settings within the General tab just scroll down until you see the Notifications, simply switch this on and choose which email address that you would like notifications to be sent to.

That’s all you need to do, you simply choose from the ones you have here or add a new email address and then you’ll be instantly notified anytime someone signs up for your list via web form, email, survey or landing page.

Step 6: Changing your email campaign name

Here’s the video transcript:

It’s very easy to change the name of one of your campaigns, all you need to do is choose the desired campaign from your current campaign dropdown menu, then click on the settings wheel, once you’re in campaign settings it’s right here in the General tab, whenever you hover your mouse over the campaign name it gives you the option to edit it. So simply input what you would prefer for it to be and click Save.

However, if you are wanting to actually edit the name of the default campaign there is just a couple little steps for a work-around to be able to do that.

First go ahead from your current campaign menu, choose the campaign’s List, and as you can see here as our default campaign, which unfortunately you cannot edit the name for, however all you need to do for now, make another campaign the default campaign, then go back up to the your current campaign menu, choose that old default campaign, of course, and then go to its campaign settings.

Then once you’re there, go ahead and enter the campaign name like we saw in the previous screens, once you’re done updating that, you’ll click on Save, then you can go one more time back to the campaign’s list and make this the default campaign once more, and then you were very easily able to actually change the name of your default campaign.

Step 7: Setting up a confirmation page

Here’s the video transcript:

It’s super-simple to customize the confirmation page in one of your campaigns, and now the confirmation page is going to be what your subscriber will see after they click on the confirm their confirmation link, so this is confirming their permission to become a subscriber on your list. Of course this is via confirmed opt-in settings that you’ve got set up.

If you would like to be able to customize the page they see after clicking on the confirmation link, all you need to do is pick the campaign from the Your Current Campaign menu on the top right of your screen, once you locate the proper campaign, click on the settings wheel to the right.

Then you want to go ahead and go to the Permission tab, scroll down and then Confirmation Page. You want to click Custom URL and then enter in the URL of, let’s say maybe it’s the homepage of your website or some thank you page that you have set up on your website already.

So I’ve got one, here we got, right here. Here is my Thank You page and my URL, so I’m going to copy that, paste it right here, click OK, now that’s saved. So that is what my subscribers are going to see after they confirm their subscription. So let’s take a look from a subscriber’s point of view of what that’s going to look like.

I actually have a web form here, let’s pretend this is on my website for a subscriber to sign up to join my mailing list, so I am going to do is fill this out so we can take a look and see what it’s going to actually look like.

Okay, we’re signing up, now it’s telling us to check your email for the confirmation email to click to confirm, so let’s go there and there it is, confirming my subscription. Clicking the link and then as you can see, just like we put in the campaign settings, here is our custom confirmation page, we’re just thanking our subscriber for signing up to joining our list, so it’s very simple, just a couple steps to actually be able to set up your own custom confirmation page in the Campaign settings.

Step 8: Creating Autoresponders

Here’s the video transcript:

Even the most carefully planned campaigns will fall through if they are sent to the wrong people at the wrong time.

Why not make a difference – it’s time for Autoresponders 2.0, Action and Time-based messages that will reach your recipients at exactly the right time.

And what’s even better, once set up they require minimum effort, they simply run themselves for you.

This advanced marketing automation solution is now within your reach, with an intuitive yet powerful interface, tips and tricks series, getting started cycles, online crash courses, a step by step training program.

Use the limitless potential of the new Autoresponders 2.0 to build an effective follow-up cycle, unlimited messages for day and in a cycle, flexible scheduling options and super easy template design.

Now hit Save and Publish and you’re on your way to building lasting and profitable relationships with your audience.

The action-based autoresponders will let you plan complete email programs based entirely around your subscriber’s behaviour.

Your recipient opened your message or clicked the link in it, now you know what he/she is interested in and can follow-up with more relevant content automatically.

Schedule your autoresponders using one of your past emails or create a completely new one from scratch. Want to stay in touch with a customer who has just purchased your product, use the Goal Reached autoresponder and address them with a  Thank You email, product tips and tricks or a discount coupon for future shopping.

That’s not all – the new autoresponders also let you create notifications and updates whenever your subscribers details change. Welcome new contacts with exclusive offers, your offer overview or customer service contact details. Send birthday cards, anniversary rewards and renewal notices, or follow-up with more messages whenever another message criteria is met.

The new autoresponders offer the maximum freedom of creation with the most intuitive and straightforward interface. Use the interactive timeline to preview and manage your follow-ups, or quickly change their order. View all your autoresponders and follow-ups on a list, quickly modify follow-ups timing, view stats, edit or duplicate your messages. Choose from past creative’s or create it from scratch.

Use advance timing settings, schedule your autoresponder to go out immediately or with time delay, or send them at the same local time no matter where in the world your subscribers are. Send once, or every time the particular event occurs. Create powerful advanced email marketing programs with just a few steps all in one place.

Step 9: Creating Newsletter

Here’s the video transcript:

It’s very easy to get started in creating a newsletter within your account. First we have to make sure that you’ve got the campaign selected that you want to create this particular newsletter for, and once you’ve got that set all you need to do is go to Messages, Create Newsletter.

Then you want to chose our New Email Creator that’s got super-easy to use drag and drop features, or of course I should also mention if you are very handy and knowledgeable with HTML coding, then I’d say the HTML Source Editor is for you, but for the rest of us you would choose New Email Creator and then you’ll give the message a name, so this is just something for you to know so just for you to keep in mind within your account, and then the subject. This is what everyone will see, your subscribers, so whatever you would like it to be, you’ll simply input that there.

Choose your desired From Field, you can also update the Reply To fields, choose if you want to be able to track the click-through rates on any links that you may have, and of course you can also choose to publish and share this newsletter on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Then whenever you go into the next step you can browse through our hundreds of templates and choose one that looks good and that you’d like to get started with or you can choose of course, choose to start from scratch with some type of blank template, use a plain text message or import your own template, for example.

We’ll simply choose a template that looks great to me, for example, and then go ahead and customize the content. This is all filler text, so you’ll just want to delete it and enter in your text here. Update any photos that you would like, use our drag and drop features here with any of the content you’d like, new images, more text, so you’ll fully customize it to include your content, then in the next step you’ll choose the recipients for whom you would like to receive this message, so you can choose all campaigns or just use a few campaigns.

You could even choose segments that you have created, and you can also exclude recipients that you don’t want to receive this, so once you have done that – and oh, I should also probably mention, you can also select content manually.

This will let you actually choose specifically who you would like to receive this message, and then once you’ve done that and you’ve decided whom you want to receive the message all you have to do is click Next Step and you’ll decide if you want to send the message right now and it will automatically be delivered or it can be scheduled and you’ll set up a specific date and time for the message to be delivered. So as you can see here, your delivery date and time, time zone, and you can also choose a time travel option.

However we also have a really great step by step PDF manual that I think would be a great help as well, so if you’re on our website in the Help section, you go to the download area, and then right here we’ve got the Creating Newsletters PDF manual, it’s a really great tool to let you go at your pace and create your first newsletter.

Step 10: Adding an extra unsubscribe link to your message

Step 11: Adding attachments to your message

Here’s the video transcript:

Once you’re within the message editor it’s very simple to add an attachment to your message, all you need to do is click on the Paper Link icon right here, click Add Attachment and then search your computer of course for the file that you would like to attach.

You can also attach more than one file to this particular message if you would like but overall the total size of all attachments combined cannot exceed 400 KB and that limit is placed on the attachments mainly for deliverability issues, to be able to insure a smooth deliverability we recommend keeping it under 400 KB for all attachments combined.

Step 12: Testing your message

Here’s the video transcript:

It’s very easy to test your messages within the message editor, so let’s say you’re working on a newsletter or an autoresponder and you’re within the editor and you want to take a look at how it’s going to look once it’s been sent. Go to the test message field here and then choose to send a test message, and you can choose from a drop down list of from email addresses already added to your account.

I am going to use my testing email of course, you’ll see a notification that it’s been sent, and then go ahead and go to my testing email account, let me refresh. Might want to give it just a few seconds to arrive and here it is. Here is our test, go ahead and open it up and you can choose to show the images if the email provider might block it and then you’ll just take a look.

Just keep in mind that if you moved over any social media buttons or things like that, it’s not going to work properly because this is just a test message, it’s not been sent to any of your subscribers. However, your links and everything should be fine to test. But things like the social media buttons are something to keep in mind that they won’t work properly in a test message because it wasn’t actually sent to a subscriber. So this is a great way to be able to take a look at your message within an email client.

Another option back in the editor is go to test message, inbox preview, we definitely recommend that you guys check out your message in the inbox preview feature before you send it out, that way you can take a look at what your message is going to look like in lots of different email clients. So as I said, give it a few minutes to load because it’s kind of a lot that we’re pulling from different email services, so just give it a little bit to load and then we’ll take a look.

Okay, so now we can see all the messages have loaded and all the different examples for the email providers, as you can see here it’s showing also different web browsers that were used to open that message in that particular email provider. So you can just scroll through and see all the different options that you have available – desktop clients and even some mobile clients as well, so you can see how the message is appearing if someone opens it up on a particular mobile device that you see there.

And of course you can click on an option to view it in more detail, if you want to see more specifically what it will look like. Choose the browser options here, you can even choose different messages actually, click the images on or off, things like that. So this could just give you a good idea of what your messages can look like in lots of different email clients.

Step 13: A/B Testing Emails

Finally, it’s very important you understand how to A/B split test emails to know which version of your email performs best when sent out to your audience. See the video below to learn how to go about it.

Now that you know how to draft an email newletter using GetResponse, don’t you think it’s right if I show you how to track how your email subscribers opted in and how to analyze your email campaigns to know how to better optimise them.

Well, here are two last videos you need to watch to understand how to optimise your email for better results.

Step 14: Analysing results of your mailing?

Here’s the video transcript:

Then get ready to take your business to the next level. The GetResponse Email Analytics tool is easy, intuitive, and can help you understand and optimize your campaigns.

Then get ready to take your business to the next level. The GetResponse Email Analytics tool is easy, intuitive, and can help you understand and optimize your campaigns.

Compare the results of your messages side by side to find out what’s working and what isn’t. Or view your entire follow-up sequence at a glance.

You can measure the buzz your emails generate across the web. Count tweets, likes, and other actions in the top social networks. And then decide which social sites work best for you.

Use global view to locate subscribers all over the world, monitor their actions and responses by location, and drill down to individual stats.

Intuitive GetResponse Email Analytics puts a complete, easy-to-read view of your email marketing at your fingertips, so you can watch your marketing results grow, stat by stat.
Get started with GetResponse Email Analytics now!

Step 14: Where can I find out how my contacts opted-in to a specific campaign?

Here’s the video transcript:

You can find out how your contacts opted-in to a specific campaign by in the account, going to Statistics, Email Analytics, and then once you’re there choose a subscription option from the left side panel, and here you can choose a particular campaign you want to search within or of course you can choose all of them, if you would like, right here.

You can also choose the particular date range if you’d like the last 30 days, some custom option, or even the maximum that’s available. And once you do that, you can choose between the different views that you have, the list size, all the different subscription methods, unsubscribe, and if you scroll down here you will see the full listing of all the possible ways contacts can be added to your list and you will see them summarized here.

With the video resource you have up there, you should be able to get started with email marketing. However if you need better or indepth understanding of how to optimise your email campaigns for increased conversion, then I think you should just attend our digital marketing training course (Click here to learn more about our digital marketing training)

Before you leave, I’ve compiled one more power tip for managing an effective email marketing campaign, check it out, you’d find it interesting!

Here are some tips for effective email marketing campaign

email marketing in Nigeria

I always receive newsletters from one of the reputable multinational companies and I get astonished to see some outdated features that don’t really tally with the modern day email marketing campaign strategy.

I begin to ask myself if such a multinational get maximum results from such email marketing blast. That’s absolutely appalling. Email marketing should be strategically programmed in such a way that it gets the desired result.

Another issue is that some companies have strong email lists but do not really posses the effective ways of utilizing these contacts.

Another issue is that some companies have strong email lists and but do not really posses the effective ways of utilizing these contacts.CLICK TO TWEET

That is an issue because email marketing is inevitable as far as online business is concerned. The essence of email marketing is not just keeping in touch with your subscribers but grow business.

Nonetheless, email marketing should not be done haphazardly, there are fundamental principles that are associated with email marketing. And those principles you must follow before you achieve results.

1. Creating email contact lists

email marketing in Nigeria

Building your mailing list will not happen overnight. You have to work towards that. This is probably the first and foremost practical step in your email marketing. It is not just building huge unneeded email lists but growing quality mailing list


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

However, it is also, one of the most challenging aspects of email marketing is growing a quality mailing list. There are two basic characteristics of a mailing list: size and quality.

2. Subject line

email marketing in Nigeria

The more twisted and ambiguous you make the subject line the more you create the chances of your email not being read. Your subject line should be made simple and also very catchy.

The subject line is just like a heading or a headline, and it should be interesting and enticing enough o grasp the attention of your email subscribers. Also, ensure that your subject line reflects the content of your email content.

3. Images

In email marketing using images is advisable. You have to select attractive images that would supplement your email content. But the images shouldn’t be so much that it would appear on the whole email content.

email marketing in nigeria

Create links for all the images that are associated with a call to action, so people can click on the image and land on your website. In simple terms, any image you use in your email marketing campaign should be linked to your website. Also, try as much as possible to include a descriptive alt text phrase. Even if recipients don’t accept images, the alt text will convey what the image is about.

4. Email content

email marketing in Nigeria

There are many things that should compound the body of your email. Most people do not spend much of their time reading email; therefore your email content should be compelling enough. This will be beneficial because most email service providers allow the subscribers to preview the email without having to open it.

Another thing is that your email content should be able to have links. For instance, you should include at least one or two sentences in the email that will contain links but have each link go to the same website page. You should also bold every link in your email, which will help increase your click-through rate.

Every link in the email should be tracking URL so you can understand how many people clicked through to your website and converted on your landing page. Also create a tracking URL for each link, which you can track through the sources tool.

5. Testing email

email marketing in Nigeria

Sending a text mail would save from unnoticed errors that could be devastating to your business. You should proofread the email and click on every link in the email. Correct all the grammatical mistakes. Go through the email content severally to ensure that everything is in proper perspective.

6. Respond emails

email marketing in Nigeria

Sometimes, you may get feedback from your subscribers as regards to your email blast. It could be positive or negative; whichever one it is, always ensure that you do not ignore their emails, just respond.

Let me also remind you that one of the goals of email marketing is to continue to enhance the already established relationship with your subscribers. You need to be sure someone is responding to reply and responses should be as immediate as possible.

7. Set track

email marketing in Nigeria

Tracking is just like a way of measuring your email marketing (Return on Investment). There are a lot of email marketing service providers but I always recommend the GetResponse.

Each time someone opens your email and views the images within it, that open-tracker graphic is downloaded from our server. Each time that graphic is downloaded, we’ll count that as an open on your campaign report.

Open tracking, along with click tracking, is an easy way to measure subscriber engagement. it gives you a comprehensive report on your email marketing campaign.

Read More
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7 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid And How To Fix Them

A few weeks ago, one of my students asked me… “What are the common SEO mistakes to avoid and how do I possibly fix them?”

Search Engine Optimization is a topic that drives serious question.

I am particularly interested in SEO because of the benefits it brings to your website and business generally.

We go as far as teaching SEO in-depth in our digital marketing course. You might want to check it out.

In the past,

I have faced different SEO mistakes from clients’ websites while doing SEO audit for them.

These mistakes will be covered in details as you read on.

You will also learn how to avoid or fix them permanently on your website if you want to stand a chance to rank high on SERPs.

Let’s get right straight into it.

Here are 7 Common SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them

1. Not considering page speed

The first thing I want to discuss here is page speed.

The faster your site, the more Google will favour it.

There’s a very useful tool from Google itself to check your site speed: Google PageSpeed Insights.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

This tool gives you an overview of what aspects need repair to boost the speed of a particular web page.

As an SEO expert, one of the recommended fixes for slow websites is Image compression.

Compressing images before uploading on your website can increase your load time tremendously.


Many people have failed when it comes to compressing images on their website.

Based on experience, I have noticed a vast number of website have image size problem after testing their website.

It’s quite difficult to get hundred percent score if your website already has high-end photographs.

Here is a snipe from GTMetrix:

optimise images

To correct this, I use a plugin called Smush Image Compression and Optimization.

This plugin can be installed on your WordPress website.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization or WP Smush meticulously scans every image you upload – or have already added to your site – cuts all the unnecessary data and scales it for you before adding it in your web content.

Another factor that affects your website page speed is not using a caching plugin.

This is another common SEO mistake people do.

Ignorantly they forget to install a caching plugin on their website.

What is a caching plugin?

Caching plugins work is by saving the dynamically generated HTML files and serving them from the cache (i.e. reusing previously generated data) whenever a request is made, rather than loading all of the PHP scripts from WordPress every time you hit refresh.

Here are two recommended caching plugins – WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.

With just simple settings, you can configure either of this plugins to start caching your website content right away.

I will stop here.

Although, there are other things you can do to optimise and speed up your website. You just have to check out this post to find out more website speed optimisation tips.

2. Optimising your content for the wrong keyword

No doubt, keyword research is one of the most integral parts of digital marketing.

That’s why we have included it in our digital marketing module.

Click here to check out our digital marketing course outline.

To get a chance to rank on Google or other search engines, you really have to understand how to choose the right keywords for your web contents.

I have previously covered how to do keyword research using Google keyword planner, but what I’m yet to comprehensively discussed how choosing the wrong keyword affects your SEO strategy.

As an SEO expert, one of the problem businesses today face is trying to rank for generic keywords. These are keywords I call short tail keywords!

For example;

A startup company trying to optimise their new website for “website design company” is obviously not on the right track. This is

This is because that keyword is highly competitive and as a startup company who want to rank for website design in Nigeria.

Looking at the example above…

I recommend that such company starts with what I call a long tail keyword. These are keywords that are not so competitive, low search volume but are more targetted and have a high probability of conversion.

As a matter of fact:

They might want to start optimising their website for “Website design company in Lagos” instead of “Website design company”.

3. Ignoring Metadata

Quite a number of website owner ignore metadata information on their website.

SEO metadata is what appears on search engine result pages (SERP) when a website comes up for certain queries. It includes the title of the page and its meta description (descriptive text below the title).

Here is a sample:

No doubt that title and meta description plays a huge role in Search Engine Optimization.

Title tags are the most important of all of the meta tags. These tags have a real impact on search rankings and, perhaps just as importantly, are the only one of the tags we’ll discuss here that are visible to the average user.

For the Meta description, It is a quite a useful meta tag as, very simply. It explains to search engines and (sometimes) searchers themselves what your page is about. Let’s say you were googling the phrase “Make money online in Nigeria for example. You might encounter the following results:

How do you fix this?

Take note of the following pointers below:

  • The Title Tag alone can impact your search engine rankings.
  • Descriptive tags may encourage users to visit your site.
  • The meta description may serve as “organic ad text.”

So you have to make sure it’s optimized correctly for every page.

This means adding the relevant keyword to each particular page and making sure that your page title isn’t too long. If your page title is too long (currently 400 to 600 pixels), it will get cut off in Google. You don’t want potential visitors to be unable to read the full title in the SERPs.

The meta description is not a ranking factor, but it does play an important part in optimizing your Click Through Rate (CTR).

CTR gives some insight into how likely potential visitors are to actually click on your site in the SERPs. If you optimize your meta descriptions with clear and attractive extracts on what potential visitors can find on your site, it becomes easier for them to see if the information they’re looking for is on that page.

4. Persistently publishing poor quality content

Another prevalent SEO failure is not publishing high-quality content.

There’s a popular saying on the internet about “content being king”.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

This saying is even truer than what many website publishers do today.

The internet is flooded with a lot of mediocre content.

There is a lot written about writing high-quality content on your website but blogs and website owners have consistently published poorly written articles.

It is very important to write long website content or rather, publish one with a decent amount of words.

As difficult as it is to write on your product page, Yoast recommends that you have a minimum of 300 words in them.


If you truly want to rank your posts, then it’s recommended that you stick to writing long-form content.

Blog posts that are around 1,500 to 2,000 words are typically considered “long-form.”

However, those numbers are slowly increasing with 3,000 to 10,000 words becoming the new standard.

Image Credit:Backlinko.com

Today, when you ask Google a question, it will return what it believes is the highest quality post that answers your question, and in almost every case, it’s long-form content, over 2,000 words.

In conclusion, focus on writing quality long-form content and make sure they are original.

5. Website not mobile responsive

Mobile Internet access has long surpassed that of desktop computing.

It is believed that by 2020, there will be more than 6.1 billion smartphone users. As a result, it’s safe to assume that a large portion of your website traffic is going to be from many of those devices.

However, it’s not enough to simply choose a responsive design and cross your fingers.


Since Google has announced that next year they will switch to mobile indexing first, you should be busy preparing your site for this change. ‘Mobile indexing first’ means that Google will look at the mobile version of your site to decide how high you should rank.

So if the desktop version of your site is set up brilliantly, but your mobile site isn’t responsive at all, you have a lot of work to do if you don’t want to suffer a rank drop over next year.

Everything from image optimization to text fonts and layouts needs to be addressed.

A great way to test mobile friendliness is to use Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

Mobile Friendly Test

Testing on various screen resolutions may also be necessary to determine if the site looks good across the board. Otherwise, you may have a horrible mobile layout on certain screen sizes without knowing.

6. Assuming any link is a good backlink

A common SEO practice by many in the past was to create guest posts on blogs or other websites while linking back to their own.


This process is still necessary for creating recognition of your site.


It needs to be done in a different way.

Since 2012, search engines have been putting more emphasis on relevant linking. An example of a bad one would be to link a cat toy eCommerce site to a boating supply shop.

These two are not relevant and may score poorly in search results.

If you want to create a strong network of backlinks, you need to be careful where you post your content. Create guest posts on blogs, but make sure they are relevant to your site’s specific niche or industry.

Studies show that link authority plays a strong part in higher rankings within search results.

This means links from websites that have a high rank according to Ahrefs Domain Rating can greatly impact the appearance of your site in search results.

Before applying to write a guest post. Make sure you have done competition research of possible websites that have better domain authority than yours.

  • You can use MOZ.com to check to domain and page rank of websites in your niche
  • Use SEMRUSH.com to analyse competitors in your niche.

7. Stuffing keywords into your content

Keyword stuffing was quite a common practice at the turn of the century.

According to Google,

Keyword stuffing” refers to the practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Often these keywords appear in a list or group, or out of context (not as natural prose).

Many people discovered that using the same word over and over again would help rank a site higher in search results.

Unfortunately, this also created terrible and difficult-to-read content.


This practice has been widely abolished, it’s still something that happens more often than it should. There are still developers who stuff as many keywords as possible into a small amount of text. As a result, the pages do not perform well during a search.

There are still developers who stuff as many keywords as possible into a small amount of text. As a result, the pages do not perform well during a search.

Experts believe that an ideal ratio for keyword-to-content should be approximately 2.5 percent. This means you want to use the same keyword once for every 50 words at the most. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of a penalty from search engines such as Google.

This means you want to use the same keyword once for every 50 words at the most. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of a penalty from search engines such as Google.

As an SEO expert, let me give a quick tip I proffer to students who registered for our digital marketing training.

You can click here to see our digital marketing training course guide.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

What I normally suggest is to:

Use LSI keywords instead of abusing keywords in your content.

So what are LSI keywords?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It might sound complicated at first reading, but it’s not really.

LSI keywords are words or phrases that are semantically related to each other. They are not limited to synonyms or keywords with similar meanings.

To generate LSI keywords, you can use:

  • LSIGraph
  • Google Autosuggest feature
  • Google related search option

There are more tips about using LSI in content, and I think you should have look at it.

And there you go…

Those are some of the most common SEO mistakes content curators make when trying to rank their websites.

If you don’t want to fall a victim of search engine optimisation mistakes, you should carefully follow each step mentioned right above.

Are there other mistakes you’ve noticed that wasn’t mentioned in this article?

You can let us know right away. Thanks for reading.

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YouTube SEO for Beginners: How to Rank Your Videos on YouTube

When you think of YouTube SEO, think of Google and similar web page ranking factors.

Based on Alexa traffic rankings, YouTube is the second most visited site on the web, right after Google. Unfortunately, a lot of digital marketers still treat it like any other social media site.

Based on Alexa traffic rankings, YouTube is the second most visited site on the web, right after Google. Unfortunately, a lot of digital marketers still treat it like any other social media site.CLICK TO TWEET

But success on YouTube isn’t about uploading video content, it’s about optimizing your content — just like your website.

It’s easy to find videos with millions of views and videos with almost none that are basically the same. The difference between success and failure often boils down to a few elements.

When it comes to YouTube SEO, a lot of the optimization work can be encapsulated into a process that you can apply to all your old videos and then to each video as you publish it.


From our podcasts, student testimonials, webinars, industry events, to live videos, we invest so much in video content creation and optimization for our marketing, as well as class trainings.

This is the process that we would like to teach you.

And that’s why we have compiled this YouTube SEO guide for you. Alternatively, you can register for our digital marketing training for more detailed, actionable and immersive lessons on h0w to leverage best YouTube SEO tactics to get your videos ranking and increasing views.

Click here to learn more about the training

For now, here are the basics of what you need to know if you want your content to rank number one on YouTube for the keywords you care about


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Let’s check out some video marketing statistics and why you need to invest in video content creation and optimization on YouTube.

Facts about Video Marketing

youtube seo for beginners

Video is quickly emerging as one of the top mediums of choice for marketers, and with good reason—it’s easily digestible.

Consider these facts:

How to Rank Your Videos with YouTube SEO

This section contains the essential background information you’ll need to understand before you dive into YouTube optimization tactics.

YouTube SEO Step #1: Start with Keyword Research

youtube seo for beginners

Given that YouTube is a video search engine, you should approach content creation in a strategic way, as you would when optimizing your website.

This means conducting keyword research to find out what your audience is interested in and how they talk about it online.

It’s easy to start your YouTube keyword brainstorming.

Simply go to YouTube and start typing a keyword in the search box. As you type, you will get popular searches suggested to you by YouTube Suggest, which is the autocomplete feature built into the search box on YouTube.

These suggested keywords are GREAT.


Because these are terms that people actually type into YouTube. So there’s no need to wonder if they’re popular or not. If YouTube suggests them to you, they 1000% are.

You can also go to a popular video in your niche… and copy the same keywords that video is optimized around.

As you probably know, keyword optimization is a KEY part of YouTube SEO. So if a video has lots and lots of views, chances are, that video is optimized around a popular keyword.CLICK TO TWEET

Second, find the best keyword from your list

Okay, so now that you’ve generated a big list of keywords, it’s time to choose the best one from your list.

Specifically, you want to target low-competition keywords.

This is ESPECIALLY important if your channel doesn’t have that many subscribers. If you swing for the fences and go after competitive keywords, your video is gonna get buried in the search results.

Instead, you want to find keywords that don’t have a lot of competition.

How do you check?

You can check this from a keyword tool like KeywordTool.io that helps you find specific keywords for  YouTube, as well as analyze their search volume and competitiveness.

youtube seo for beginners

Finally, a bonus tip: search for your keyword in Google

Here’s the deal:

Most views on YouTube come from within YouTube’s platform. But don’t stop there. Your video can get 2-5x more views if you can ALSO get it to rank in Google.


The trick is to optimize your videos around keywords that already have video results in Google.CLICK TO TWEET

You see, Google only includes videos in the search results for certain keywords.

Unlike a normal first page with 10 webpage results, for certain keywords Google reserves a good chunk of the first page for video results like below:

YouTube on Google

How do you know the types of keywords that Google display video results for?


It all boils down to search intent. Google’s algorithm is able to figure out, from certain keywords used, the search intent of the searcher and whether or not, a video would be preferred.

Some popular keyword types with video search intent include:

  • How-to keywords
  • Product reviews
  • Tutorial
  • Product demos
  • Anything fitness or sports related
  • Funny videos

Keyword brainstorming is one thing, but you probably need to be able to compare keywords to each other to see which ones are searched on more frequently.CLICK TO TWEET

There’s a tool for that, it’s completely free, and one of the many free Google marketing tools:

Google Trends.

It’s surprising how many SEO practitioners don’t realize Google Trends has a “YouTube search” option underneath the “Web search” option, which will give you YouTube-specific search volume data.

This tool doesn’t give you actual numbers, unfortunately (everything is in percentages), but nonetheless, it is quite handy for comparing keywords to each other.

YouTube SEO Step #3: Publish a Captivating and High-Retention Video

youtube seo for beginners

Here’s the truth:

If you want your videos to rank, you need to keep people watching.

The amount of your video that people watch is known as Audience Retention.

And YouTube has gone on the record saying: “Audience Retention” is a HUGE ranking factor.

To quote YouTube:

Audience retention

In other words, if your video keeps people on YouTube, YouTube will rank your video higher in the search results.CLICK TO TWEET

(After all, YouTube wants people to stay on the platform so they click on ads. And if you help them with that goal, they’ll promote your video).

The question is:

HOW do you create a video that keeps people engaged?

The bottom line is:

If your video stinks, it won’t rank…no matter how optimized it is for SEO.

Unlike Google — which can use backlinks and other signals to evaluate the quality of a piece of content — YouTube has no such luxury. So they rely on Audience Retention.

That said, Audience Interaction is one of several ranking signals that YouTube uses in its algorithm.

As long as your video is valuable and interesting to watch, you’re good to go.

YouTube SEO Step #3: Optimize your Videos for Ranking


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Now that you understand how to perform basic YouTube keyword research, it’s time to get down to business.

Here’s how you can optimize your videos for success on YouTube.

Say your Target Keyword

You’ve probably noticed that YouTube now automatically transcribes your videos.

So if YouTube sees that you mention your target keyword in your video, they’ll “hear” it.

And because you’re actually SAYING the keyword that your video is optimized around, YouTube will better understand that your video is about that term.

Pimp your Video Title

The video title should be punchy and should grab the user. It shouldn’t be too wordy — instead, it should concisely convey why the user should bother watching your video. Hit them with the good stuff!

Before you decide on your title, do your keyword research (as described above), and then take a look at your competitors for those keywords.

These are the videos you’ll be going up against, so you want your title to be as good as theirs, if not better.

Titles play a large part in the ranking of your video, so make sure they are at least five words long and include the keyword that you want to rank for.CLICK TO TWEET

Hammering Thumbnail

A video’s thumbnail image is actually more important than the title in terms of attracting the click from the YouTube searcher.

You could do every other thing right for your SEO, but if you have an unappealing thumbnail, no one is going to click on your video.

Think about it: The thumbnail is the only image that gives people a sense of what they’re about to invest their time in watching. If it looks unprofessional or boring, people aren’t going to consider it a good use of time.

For the best results, go with a “custom thumbnail” (you will need to be verified by YouTube in order to do this) and have that thumbnail image include graphical text.


  • Customize your thumbnail image with titles/fun graphics
  • Have professional shots taken with the thumbnail in mind. (Note: You don’t have to use a frame from the video as the basis for the thumbnail)
  • Make it intriguing
  • Ensure it is well-lit


  • Have an intrusive logo
  • Use clashing colors
  • Have a random, unprofessional-looking still
  • Make your thumbnail all text

Optimize your Description

Many people make the mistake of only writing a few sentences for the description. This is your chance to expand on the information in the video with links, calls to action and performer bios.

If you want people to click on a link to your website, include it “above the fold,” before the “Show more” prompt.

Also, include some sort of enticing hook in that first sentence that will get people to click “Show More” to see the rest of your video’s description.

You’ll want a long description so users can get more insight into the video; don’t be afraid to include lots of information. This also gives you another shot at including relevant keywords.


The video transcript (i.e. captions) serves as additional copy that is considered in YouTube’s rankings algorithm.

Don’t rely on YouTube’s automated transcription process — there are going to be errors in that transcript, guaranteed.

Either proofread and edit that automated transcript or use a transcription service or a VA (Virtual Assistant) to create a transcript of the video.

If you do the latter, remember that it needs to be time-stamped to match the audio track.


Tags aren’t super-important…but they help.

Here’s how I use video tags for my videos:

  1. My first tag is my exact target keyword (Example: “Google SEO”).
  2. I also include a few variations of that word or phrase (Example: “Google search engine optimization”)
  3. Finally, I make a few of my tags other topics that my video covers (Example: “Link building”, “Content marketing”)

In short: just include a few keywords to help YouTube and Google learn what your video is about.

Don’t be afraid to use the same tags that your competitors use. In fact, it’s a YouTube marketing best practice that has worked for YEARS.

When the video someone’s watching has a similar tag as your video– boom!– you’re added to the sidebar.

And that’s all there is to optimizing your video to rank on YouTube.

With that out of the way, it’s time for a step that many people skip over: video promotion.


Make sure you are linking in the description to everywhere that you want your potential fan base to go:

All of your social channels, your site, other videos of yours (to boost the overall viewership and get more subscribers) and wherever else you might want to send viewers, like to a squeeze page.

Choose your most important link to display above the fold in the description. You can also promote some of these destinations with YouTube cards, which is a perfect segue to my next point.

Call to action

The end of your video should practically subscribe for the user. Give them a one-click option to subscribe, and then tell them why they should.

YouTube SEO Step #4: Promote your Videos

youtube seo for beginners

We talked a lot about creating videos that maximize Audience Retention and user experience signals. Which is important.

But for YouTube to measure these signals, you need to get views on your video!

Here are some strategies you can use to get targeted views to your video:

Tell people to comment

If your videos get a lot of comments, that tells YouTube your videos are popular.

Just like Google, YouTube prioritizes content that’s popular. Comments are one of the metrics YouTube uses to decide what people like the most.CLICK TO TWEET

It’s a good idea to end your video with a question to get a discussion started.

Encourage people to subscribe

Subscribing is a big deal on YouTube.

It’s one of the factors YouTube’s algorithms use to rank videos.

Liking or commenting on a video is a one-time action, but subscribing means that people will see your content on a regular basis.

For YouTube, that’s a giant factor that reflects the amount of value you provide.

Pro tip: Many YouTubers ask people to like, comment, and subscribe all at once. However, if you prioritize one of those metrics, focus on encouraging subscriptions.

Make an eye-catching thumbnail

Your video thumbnail isn’t a ranking factor that YouTube uses directly, but it still has a huge impact on your SEO.

A good thumbnail means more clicks, and that means better SEO.

Make sure your thumbnail stands out and tells viewers what your video is all about.

Many people will view videos just from looking at the thumbnails, so don’t skip this step.

Send an email to your list

The email list is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

You can send out an email to thousands of people in the blink of an eye, and in a few hours, you can get countless eyes on your content.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

This will increase the number of views you get, which is crucial for good YouTube SEO.

Get featured on another channel

This is a tricky tactic, but if you do it right, it can give you some big results.

It’s tricky because you ideally want to team up with YouTube channels that complement but don’t necessarily compete with your channel.

If you pick a channel in the exact same niche as yours, you could find yourself losing viewers to the other channel.

So if you have a YouTube channel about food, find a channel that’s all about beverages. If you have a marketing channel, find a sales channel.

You get the idea.

Send out some requests and see if other channels are willing to feature you. As long as you give away something valuable, you should have no problem getting featured.CLICK TO TWEET

Oh, and make sure you get a link to your channel! You can even ask for an annotation.


The biggest thing that’s different about how YouTube ranks their content compared to Google lies in the fact that search engines today can’t crawl and analyze the quality of video content.

Instead, they rely on video descriptions and user engagement factors to see how well people respond to it.

As the Internet gets more and more saturated with content, our ability to process everything decreases.

Because of that, we respond to content that’s easily digestible, and video content is easier to digest than a long-form blog post.

In fact, according to Cisco,  80% of Internet traffic will come from video. So getting your videos to rank high in both YouTube and Google is the best way to adapt to these changes.

This is the more reason you should register to join our digital marketing training so that you can get the comprehensive and practical tips and how-tos on Google and YouTube SEO to increase your views and conversions.

Click here to learn more about the training.

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15 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes: Solutions to Make More Money

There are common affiliate marketing mistakes that many affiliate marketers make which hurts their businesses, profits, and income.

Affiliate marketing can be difficult if you’ve never done any marketing in your life, haven’t built a website before, and are following every guru you can get behind that tells you what you want to hear.

Instead of what you need to actually be doing to succeed.

Building a successful affiliate marketing business doesn’t necessarily have to feel like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill.

Most successful marketers have gotten there by simply taking action.

Taking action alone, though, when you’re new to the industry can have you spinning your wheels.

Instead of telling you how to make money from affiliate marketing, I’m going to show you 15 common affiliate marketing mistakes that you need to avoid making…

…and the solutions you can deploy.

The best part is that many of our students have learned the practical steps on how to avoid making these mistakes in our digital marketing training, where we share real affiliate marketing programs and product and promotion ideas that will make more money.

You can join them if you click here to learn more now.

As long as you follow these tips and not make the same mistakes yourself, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes you to start making a healthy income from your affiliate marketing business.

What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

common affiliate marketing mistakes

In general words, affiliate marketing is a simple policy of earning cash by promoting the products of someone or a company.

In other words, as an affiliate, all you need to do is to join a huge network and promote their products to potential customers online.CLICK TO TWEET

And every time you generate a sale, it’s usually tracked by a unique affiliate link or code, as a result, you earn a commission. The commission you get could be fixed or tentative and sometimes it varies from network to network.

But to be able to make a lot of money and huge commissions from your affiliate marketing efforts, then you need to avoid making these common affiliate marketing mistakes.

15 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes you need to Avoid

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #1: Not Building an Email List

common affiliate marketing mistakes

The biggest mistake you could make as an affiliate marketer is refusing to build your email list.

For one reason or another, numerous marketers have forgone building their email list, thinking that their business is always going to be able to sustain itself.

This usually happens when people are relying on search engine traffic, and living in the belief that search engines are always going to favor their website.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Unfortunately, as proven multiple times in the past, search engine traffic is rarely reliable.

Major search engines, especially Google, constantly upgrade their algorithms, and people who thought they were building bulletproof businesses find themselves getting caught up in the updates, losing their traffic overnight.CLICK TO TWEET

If they had been focusing on building an email list, it wouldn’t matter that their search engine traffic had been nuked.

Sure, it would hurt, but they would still have a list of people ready to send back to their website every time they send out an email.

Building an email list also allows you to profit more per visitor than you would be able to without it.

If you’ve never heard of sales funnels before, then you need to read this post and then dig through our site to find all of the other information we’ve created on building a proper sales funnel.

CLICK HERE to learn how to build a successful sales funnel.

When you’re collecting emails, you can send your subscribers down a trail that helps them solve even more problems they’re having, allowing you to make even more money.

This is what we are going to teach you when you register to join our digital marketing training starting soon.

Click here to learn more.

This isn’t possible if you’re neglecting your business and refusing to build your email list.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #2: Relying only on Organic Traffic

common affiliate marketing mistakes

Search engines may provide the Holy Grail of organic traffic, because the visitors are highly targeted to the content you’ve published, and tend to be ready to buy when they land on your site.

However, relying solely on search engines to build your business is a huge affiliate marketing mistake, and one that many affiliate marketers have found themselves making.

If you want to build a long term affiliate marketing business (or any other business, really), the last thing you want to do is rely solely on search engine traffic.

There are multiple different ways you can generate targeted traffic to your website.

Guest posting, for instance, is a great strategy for tapping into other people’s audiences and driving their visitors to your website.CLICK TO TWEET

Social media is another great avenue for tapping into massive hordes of traffic.

Though it may not be as targeted as search engine traffic, and getting people from social media networks to purchase the products and services you’re offering can be more difficult, it’s not impossible.

At the end of the day, your business lives and dies by the traffic that you’re sending to your website.

Your ultimate goal should be to tap into as many different sources of traffic as possible.

Relying solely on search engines may seem like a great idea, but doing it means you’re being very short-sighted in your business and could be setting yourself up for disaster down the road.

SOLUTION: To avoid this, you would need to join our content marketing and search engine optimization class, where you would learn how to drive hundreds of thousands of organic traffic monthly through SEO.

Click here to learn more and join the class.

For starters, however, you would need to promote your affiliate products on other channels like social media and emails instead of relying on search engine only.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #3: Not Trusting Your Abilitiescommon affiliate marketing mistakes

This one is easy to understand, especially when you’re trying to build an affiliate marketing business and feel like you don’t have the necessary technical skills, are buying into gurus saying that you need to do this, and do that, and then bog yourself down with massive amounts of work, rather than building your business one step at a time.

Maintaining confidence and enthusiasm about your affiliate marketing business is critical to becoming successful.

No results happen overnight, so if you want to stick around for the long haul, you’re going to have to tie your confidence to something else.

I personally prefer to tie my confidence and enthusiasm towards getting things done that I know are going to lead me to my final goal — making money from my website.

Rather than tie my confidence to the actual money generated, tying it to getting things done is a lot better for your sanity.

SOLUTION: If you break down your business into different chunks, like your blog posts, your email list, your autoresponder, your search engine optimization, and your social media strategies, for instance, you’ll be able to tackle one at a time.

And knowing that you’re doing what needs to be done, without getting bogged down in the big picture or the small details that can seem overwhelming.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #4: Affiliate Marketing is a Get Rich Quickie

common affiliate marketing mistakes

There are no get rich quick schemes.


If anyone tries to tell you that affiliate marketing is a way for you to get rich overnight, run for the hills.

They’re feeding you a lie, and probably trying to get you to buy a course from them that teaches you how to do it.

What stands our affiliate marketing class out is that we not only teach you how to make money from affiliate marketing but also show you the step by step process, timeline and ingredients needed to actualize the affiliate marketing dream.

Click here to save a seat.

Affiliate marketing is no different than any other business.

Building something successful requires a lot of time, energy and, more importantly, patience.

Sure, you may have small wins here, and there, that you didn’t see coming, but that is a part of the process.

All of those small, unexpected wins can add up to make you a lot of money, but they’re not going to happen overnight.

When you see these small wins happening, you can usually attribute them to something you had done weeks, or even months before.

Affiliate marketing is an amazing business model, especially for beginners, because it’s easy to test and figure out what’s going on without having to devote massive amounts of your money to the business.

While you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing -and many people do- in no way, shape, or form is it a way for you to get rich quick.

I firmly believe that if you go into building your business, expecting not to earn a dime from it for the first year, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, instead of always setting yourself up to get discouraged.

SOLUTION: Since affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, you need to build sustainable and long term processes around your business promotion.

In other words, you need to have a long term plan for your marketing and operations, which includes learning from a good affiliate marketing trainer.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #5: Selling, instead of Helping

common affiliate marketing mistakes

The only way you’re going to make money in your business is to actually sell something and promote products and services on your website.

If it’s all you’re doing, though, you’re not going to make nearly as much money as you could be making.

If you really want to make a lot of money, and actually keep your business running for years, you’re going to have to adjust how you’re publishing content, and change your mindset from making money to actually helping people.

Helping people does two different things for your business.

  • First, it helps you build credibility, which makes people trust you more and continue coming back.
  • And, secondly, it gets people out of the mindset that you’re selling to them, and gets them to realize you’re helping them solve problems that they’re having and may be willing to pay you to solve.

When people recognize that they have problems that can be solved, and you’re helping them solve those problems, you’re able to promote products and services that are the solutions, rather and manipulation to get your visitors to buy something.

In the end, people are going to be more loyal to you if you’re helping them solve problems.CLICK TO TWEET

If they get an idea of you using manipulation and persuasion tactics to get them to buy something that they may not actually need, they probably aren’t going to trust you very much.

When you lose your visitor’s trust, you can safely assume that any money you made from them was luck, and that they aren’t going to be coming back to your website any time soon.

From there, your business will end up dying a slow, painful death.

SOLUTION: Instead of trying to sell every chance you get, spend more time trying to figure out problems that your visitors are having, and provide them with solutions to those problems, whether free or paid.

They’ll thank you for it, and your business will make more money because of your generosity.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #6: Joining the Wrong Affiliate Program

common affiliate marketing mistakes

Affiliate programs are a dime a dozen, and it seems like beginner marketers want to join as many as possible.

This doesn’t really present any problems, because having more options is a good thing -until it comes time to finally getting paid.

That’s where the problems start.

Since opening an affiliate marketing program is so easy, many business owners are doing it.

Not all of them are organized, though, and accurately tracking the sales you’re making isn’t necessarily their top priority.

In fact, they’re happy to let sales “slip through your pipes”.

They make more money that way.

While not all of the affiliate marketing partners you’ll join up with necessarily have malicious thoughts in mind, and allowing sales to slip through the cracks really is a problem with their technology, and not necessarily their morals.

It doesn’t, however, change the fact that you could be making more money than you’re actually earning.

There are quite a few programs you can join that do have malicious intent, though, and actually make it a part of their business model to “scrub” the sales that you’re making.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, this problem can persist, and you could be losing out on thousands of dollars.

SOLUTION: When you’re just getting started, only join affiliate programs that are known for delivering on the sales that you’re making, and then implement the proper tracking so you can accurately verify when sales have been made, and then claim the commissions that you’re owed at the end of every month.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #7: Promoting Too Many Products Or Services

common affiliate marketing mistakes

Yes…Promoting your affiliate products is very important, but then…

…“keep it simple silly” is an adage that works with nearly every business model, especially online business models like affiliate marketing.

To keep it simple, in this example, means to promote fewer products and services that are profitable at the same time, so you can actually make more money.CLICK TO TWEETWhile it may seem counter-intuitive, promoting less means that you’re able to promote more often and dig deeper into the problems that the specific product or service you’re promoting solves for your visitors.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

When you’re promoting too many products or services, it’s going to show that you’re focused more on making money than you are on solving people’s problems.

It’s also going to force you to promote more often, and leave your visitors confused about which products or services are actually worth their money.

When that happens, they’re going to end up leaving your website confused, instead of confident about what you’re recommending to them.

A lack of confidence in your visitors means your income is going to suffer as a result.

SOLUTION: Instead of hammering your visitors with every promotion you can find, focus on one or two that truly solve their problems, and are actually worth the money you’re asking them to spend.

This is going to do a lot more for you and be easier to track than trying to join every program that will accept you.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #8: Promoting Low-Quality Products

common affiliate marketing mistakes

This ties back in with your reputation and credibility, and promoting low-quality products is going to cost you more money in the long run than you’ll make by promoting the products in the first place.

Think about it like this.

Let’s assume you have a problem and make your way into an affiliate’s website, take their recommendation, and buy the product that they’re promoting.

Then, it arrives to your front door and you crack it open, trying to solve the problem you’re having.

Except, when you get it open, you start using the product and it breaks after a few short minutes.

What do you think is going to happen?

Chances are, you’re going to be upset with the affiliate that recommended it to you, promising that it was the greatest invention since sliced bread.

You’re also probably not going to be going back to their website to take any more of their recommendations.

You’re going to assume they only recommended the product to take money, and you’re liable to run to the internet to leave negative reviews.

Sounds like a pretty bad experience, right?

If you’re like so many other customers, you’re going to go out of your way to make sure other people understand how shady the affiliate was, and keep them from making any purchases, too.

So not only did they lose your business, they lost business from other people, too.

This happens all the time, unfortunately. It’s also one of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing — affiliates prefer to make a quick buck, rather than put in the work required to promote high-quality products and services.

SOLUTION: Don’t do this, too! Promote only quality products.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #9: Not Performing Keyword Researchcommon affiliate marketing mistakes

Just because you shouldn’t rely solely on search engine traffic to build your business doesn’t mean that you should ignore it, either.

When you’re ready to publish a new piece of content, not spending the extra little bit of time required to do proper keyword research means that you’re making an active decision to cost yourself money.

Finding a few keywords that your new blog post could rank for doesn’t really take a lot of time, and sets you up to pull in search engine traffic that is highly targeted to what you’ve written — and the products that you’re promoting inside of the post.

common affiliate marketing mistakes

If you don’t do it, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that you’re not going to rank for the keywords you want to rank for, and are going to be required to generate traffic to the post using other traffic channels that may not be nearly as profitable as search engine traffic.

SOLUTION: Try this the next time you’ve written a blog post and go to publish it on your website:

Head over to Google’s Keyword Planner, enter in a few keywords you think your visitors would type into the search engines to find your content, and then work those keywords into the post before you publish it.

The process takes 20-30 minutes, tops, and is highly profitable in the long run.

Chances are high that you’ll end up ranking for keywords you never intended to, and uncover new ways to bring even more traffic into your website.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #10: Writing Low-Quality Reviews

common affiliate marketing mistakes

If you really want to make money, especially big money, you’re going to have to put in the time to set yourself apart from your competition.

Writing low-quality reviews, or even outsourcing them for pennies a word, isn’t the way to get high-quality content that your visitors are going to love and trust.

Outsourcing your content for as cheaply as you can get it may seem enticing at first, but when you realize that you’re going to have to spend twice as much to fix the mistake when the content isn’t actually generating sales, you’re going to get pretty discouraged.

Churning out dozens of articles every single day is part of the “hustle”, but doesn’t pay off in the long run.

Even if you’re able to write all of the content yourself, you’re going to be able to make more money from a single, high-quality piece of content than you can from dozens of pieces of content that only lightly skim the topic.

Covering the problems that your visitors are having using in-depth content is a great way to earn their trust, and show them that you truly understand what is happening in their lives.

When they connect with you on that level, getting them to take your recommendations requires almost zero effort.CLICK TO TWEET

SOLUTION: So, sure, it may take 12 hours to create one piece of high-quality content, where during those same 12 hours you could turn out 12 different pieces of low-quality content, but the one single blog post that covers the topic in-depth is always going to produce more income for you.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #11: Not Tracking And Testing

common affiliate marketing mistakes

When I touched on the fact that there are unscrupulous affiliate marketing networks in the industry, I also touched on how important tracking your clicks and conversions are.

Not only will it keep you safe from shady companies scrubbing your sales, but it will also make it easier for you to figure out what’s going on in your own business.

A lot of affiliate marketers (too many, actually) do not track what is happening on their website, and make changes based on their emotions and feelings rather than what the data is actually telling them to do.

Implementing basic tracking isn’t difficult, especially if your website is built on WordPress.

Installing the “Pretty Links” plugin is one of the easiest ways to see what links people are clicking on, and allows you to verify that the clicks you’re sending to the affiliate network are being properly tracked.

Then, when you’re ready to make changes to increase your conversion rates, you can split test and have data to back up the decisions you make.

This is critical, since most people make changes and have very little in the way of data to tell them if those changes were effective, and how effective they actually were.

Without tracking what’s happening on your site, you’re hoping and praying that you’ll become successful, instead of actually knowing that you’re doing the right things.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #12: Not Staying Focused On One Thing

common affiliate marketing mistakes

If you’ve been around the industry for any length of time, you’ve already heard the term “shiny object syndrome”.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with it, it means to end up chasing different strategies instead of focusing on the one in front of you.

Shiny objects refer to things like switching up your traffic strategy every week, constantly tweaking your website’s design, bouncing from guru to guru consuming as much content as you can without really putting in the effort to grow your business.

All of these are terrible mistakes, and are holding you back from making the type of money you should be making.

There is an acronym for the word “focus”:

F – Follow

O – One

C – Course

U – Until

S – Successful.

Whether that is an actual training course that you’re using to help you grow your business, or if it’s a single strategy that you’re trying to implement, you want to make sure that you’re doing it -and only it- until it is successful.

This single-minded focus is what most successful marketers can attribute the growth of their business to. Definitely not chasing one “shiny” object after the next.

SOLUTION: If you find yourself bouncing from website to website, trying to learn as much as you can, or purchasing multiple different courses, thinking that the next one you buy is going to be the cause of your success, I want you to do something — just stop.

Stop bouncing from course to course, and strategy to strategy.

Find one plan for your business, and execute it to the best of your abilities.CLICK TO TWEET

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #13: Following The Herd

herd mentality

At some point in time, you’re going to have to let go of the gurus and cut your own path through life.

While you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel, and learning more about what you’re doing is generally considered a good thing, spending years learning how to build your business isn’t nearly as important as spending a single year actually building your business.

Sometimes, you’re going to make mistakes, and other times you’re going to have small wins that add up to a big income for you.

Those things aren’t going to happen if you’re constantly reading, trying to figure out what the big name gurus are doing and teaching, or trying to learn from other people all of the time.

Most times, people that are following the latest gurus are taking what they say word for word, which means they may be fighting a losing battle.

There’s no telling that what the guru is giving them is actually relevant to their business.

However, if you’re cutting your own path and building your business on your terms, you’re going to instantly stand out from the pack.

SOLUTION: Getting yourself noticed will be easy, because you’re not going to be doing the same thing that a thousand other marketers are doing.

In the end, you’ll feel a lot better about your successes because you actually earned them, instead of doing what you were told by somebody that doesn’t actually have a clue about the business you’re trying to build.

Spend time learning the basics, like how to build your website, how to use different social networks to get traffic, how to optimize your content for the search engines, and how to pay for traffic.CLICK TO TWEET

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #14: Not Focusing On A Specific Niche/Vertical

common affiliate marketing mistakes

If you have a large budget, a lot of confidence, some technical skills, and believe you can take on the big competitors in the industry you’ve chosen, there’s nothing wrong with casting a large net and attempting to make money in a broad topic.

However, for most people reading this, competing on a general topic is going to be fairly hard to do, and is actually going to hinder your progress, making it a lot harder for you to build a successful business.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Instead of trying to compete with major players that have built their websites, it’s a lot better for you, as a beginner with a smaller budget and less experience, to focus on a tighter niche inside of the larger industry.

As time goes on, your website grows in age, your traffic numbers increase, and you start making more money to support a larger content and marketing budget, you’ll be able to branch out from your niche and start taking on the larger industry.

SOLUTION: When you spend time focusing on a tighter niche, you’re also giving yourself more chances to figure out the intimate problems that your visitors are having, and deliver the best solutions to those problems.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes #15: Being Impatient

common affiliate marketing mistakes

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a successful affiliate marketing business won’t be, either.

Many of the most successful people, gurus, and coaches you see teaching you the latest and greatest techniques have been at it for years.

If there is someone you’re following that seems to have come out of nowhere, you can safely bet that they have actually been at it for a couple years, and it took them that long to reach the mass population.

Being impatient and expecting results to instantly come to you is a recipe for disaster.

I’ve personally seen more people quit building their business because they were told that something was going to happen in their first month or even their first 6 months.

Instead of getting frustrated at the lack of results, you’re going to become elated when results -and income- happens while you weren’t expecting it to.

These are two completely different mindsets, but I can say that the people that have been around for years all started their business with a curiosity about what was actually possible, instead of tying their enthusiasm to how quickly they could start making money.

You can also get some more common affiliate marketing mistakes from this video.


Creating a successful affiliate marketing business requires passion, commitment, knowledge of products, updated knowledge about market trends, relationship building with clients, quality traffic, and helpful product recommendations.

Many times, affiliate marketers with great products fail to make their business profitable just because they deploy detrimental strategies and the information is above is a small step to help them avoid these common affiliate marketing mistakes.

So, these are 15 mistakes you should not be doing with affiliate marketing.

You can excel as an affiliate marketer but you need to know what it takes and apply the rules and all the practical information that you would need to succeed.

You can get all of these and more from our digital marketing training and our 1-year support ensures that you get the assistance that you need whenever you get stuck anywhere, any time.

Click here to learn more about how our training can make you successful.

On a final note, success with affiliate marketing doesn’t happen overnight but with the right strategies and hard work, you will eventually succeed!

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Dami April 24, 2020 0 Comments

20 Latest and Lucrative Products to Sell Online Fast This Month

One of the easiest ways to fail in an ecommerce business is not knowing the trending, popular and lucrative products to sell online.

And this is a very hard hurdle to scale for online business owners.

But this struggle is not exclusive to new store owners.

Even the most established online store business owners work hard at updating their offers to help scale their business.

It is no surprise actually. I mean the stakes are so high!

The ecommerce industry is growing at a phenomenal rate (24% year-on-year), making it increasingly important to find those niche-winners and trending products that help you stay ahead of the competition and give your shoppers what they want.

eCommerce growth year on year

To succeed in ecommerce you need three things:

  1. Profitable, popular and in-demand products to sell online
  2. The skills to market them
  3. The drive to succeed.

If you’re in Nigeria and aspiring to build an online store for customers in Nigeria, then you know the question is even more confusing.

With so many products already available in the market, finding one that sells the best has become an arduous task, especially when there is endless competition and every second ecommerce store is trying to follow the same strategy.CLICK TO TWEET

That’s because the eCommerce marketplace or online shopping solutions are just opening up, and the mention of Jumia and Konga could make you throw away your plan and go look for something else than selling online.

But while Jumia and Konga appear big and have spent huge amount of money building websites to sell products online, and investing more on marketing, you should not bulk and run away.

While there are hundreds of potential niches and millions of products to sell online, the foundation of your success comes down the right products AND target market.

The good news is, an opportunity is always around and you can learn the right steps from our digital marketing training, where you would learn how to conduct product research using research tools and how to market them effectively.

Click here to learn more about the training. 

The truth is that you may have some advantage.

Let’s see.

The advantage is that you may focus on just one popular product that a lot of customers are willing to buy.

You then offer exceptional support and knowledge base that help them understand the product better.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

After that you can focus on reaching more customers that are similar to those that are already buying and repeat the process.

In the meantime, in this post, we have come to your rescue with the 20 most profitable and lucrative ecommerce products to sell online fast.

But first, here’s…

How to Find Lucrative Products To Sell Online

The general process I like to follow is:

  1. Research ideas in Google Trends
  2. Find market data to see if the industry sales is growing
  3. Narrow down to product categories using Google search volume
  4. Research blogs and influencers to find passion topics
  5. Get product sales data in JungleScout

This way, you would be able to scope out your competitors, suppliers and manufacturers before spending any money and also look at their prices and inventory levels from day to day to see if they are successful.

Cool, right?

Okay, let’s get into the meat of the post.

20 Lucrative Products to Sell Online Fast in This Month

Products to Sell Online #1: Car Accessories

Auto accessories example.

As cars become increasingly digital, digital automotive accessories are becoming more popular among consumers.

Take a look at this car projector above that showcases your engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage and more.

This handy product helps prevent car accidents by allowing drivers to keep their eyes forward as it projects key information in front of you.

But that’s not all. Think of any car component or accessory. There is a high demand for them on ecommerce stores.

If you can sell any or all of these products, then be sure to rake in a lot of money and customers from both home and abroad.

Car Accessory Products

  1. Car mp3 player
  2. Car chargers
  3. Toolbox
  4. Foot mat
  5. Spare tyres
  6. Car key holders
  7. Car seat pillows
  8. Car tracker
  9. Car battery
  10. Baby seats

Click here to learn how to market your car accessory products online 

Products to Sell Online #2: Laptops and Gadgets

products to sell online

The need for computers and computer gadgets is on the rise on a daily basis and having an online store that focuses on this is a good idea.

This business is very lucrative because as the world is becoming a global computerized community, almost everyone needs a laptop to stay connected.CLICK TO TWEET

From children to adults, parents to grandparents, men to women, bosses to staff, etc.

Almost everybody needs a laptop.

Also, internet usage in Nigeria is steady climbing. Apart from via mobile phones and devices, most of these internet users are accessing the internet on their laptops and computers.

However, if you are like me; who got married to laptop some years ago. You will realize there is little or nothing you can do without a system.

So now that you realize that selling laptops online is a good business idea, what next?

Well, you need to decide on whether you want to sell fairy used or new laptops, your pricing, preferred models and target market.

Once that is settled, you also need to set up your ecommerce website.

Laptops and Gadget Products

  1. Laptops
  2. Laptop case
  3. Hard drive/ USB drive
  4. Laptop charger
  5. Game console
  6. Laptop bag
  7. Laptop desk
  8. Screen guard
  9. Additional hardware (mouse, keyboard, speaker, headset, etc)
  10. And many more

Click here to learn how to market your laptop accessory products online

Products to Sell Online #3: Phones and Accessories

products to sell online

Just like laptops and other mobile devices, mobile phones are another very lucrative products to sell online.

In Nigeria, kids, teenagers, adults, old people, rich, poor, men, women and everyone likes the flashy lifestyle that comes with using a mobile phone, especially when it’s an expensive one.

In the picture above, you can see that the search for mobile phone sellers in Nigeria is very popular with over 40 million searches.

What this means for you is that when you set up your mobile phone selling business properly, you can be assured of making a lot of money.

Phone and Accessory Products

  1. Phones
  2. Screen guards
  3. Earphones
  4. Chargers
  5. Memory cards
  6. Power banks
  7. Phone case
  8. And many more.

Click here to learn how to market your phone and accessory products online

Products to Sell Online #4: Cosmetics

products to sell online

After buying clothes, you start to think of your favorite perfume or lipstick?

Yes, it is no surprise that cosmetic and beauty business is a way too profitable business to skip.

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 girls, at least once in their life use cosmetics. Of course, Nigerian women are young and beautiful.

But it is always good to highlight that natural beauty.

Usually, women would not even walk out of the house without having any makeup on.

However, there are also some girls or women who prefer to keep the natural look.

In both cases, cosmetic is still necessary and a booming product to sell online.

Click here to learn how to market your cosmetic products online

Products to Sell Online #5: Hair Extensions

products to sell online

A lot was said about cosmetics, but what about some cool things for hair?

Nigerian women love to experiment with their hair.

It can be short and straight, it can be long and curly or made up in cute Ghana braids.

But the latest trend in the hair industry is hair extensions.

Most Nigerian women want to have it. Nigerian ladies are willing to spend a lot of money on them because they make them stand out of the crowd.CLICK TO TWEET

Hair extensions and synthetic hair vary and come in different styles.

So do not hesitate and give this business a try!

Click here to learn how to market your hair products online

Products to Sell Online #6: Clothes and Fashion

products to sell online

Still on fashion, clothes and shoes are very very hot commodities in Nigeria.

As you already know, Nigerians are very flashy people who love to dress nice whether for an occasion or even to impress friends and family.

When it comes to children, parents love to buy clothes regularly for their kids on festive occasions like Christmas and the likes, to parties, or to even make their kids look good.

The same goes for adults who also like to dress fashionably whenever they are inside or outside.

This makes the cloth and fashion business a very lucrative one. The reason is not so far fetched. Clothing is one of the basic and essential needs for every human being.CLICK TO TWEET

In fact, nobody can do without it, except circumstances cause otherwise.

There are different clothes for men, women and children. As the trend in fashion continues to evolve, clothes will continually be in high demand.

So what can you sell online when it comes to clothes?

Cloth and Fashion Products

  1. Ankara
  2. Men’s clothes
  3. Women’s clothes
  4. Dresses
  5. Kid’s clothes
  6. Denim (Jeans)
  7. Office wear
  8. Casual wears
  9. And many more.

Click here to learn how to market your clothing products online

Products to Sell Online #8: Shoes

products to sell online

Just like clothes, shoes are also very popular in Nigeria and many shoe sellers make tons of steady income by either producing or selling shoes.

Nigerians love shoes to match their adorning clothes.

And if you can either produce or supply these shoes in different sizes and for different sexes in your store or via delivery, then it would really help to increase your business acumen and income.

Click here to learn how to market your shoe products online

Products to Sell Online #9: Television Sets

products to sell online hair buidling

Among home electronics, televisions are perhaps the most common home electronic appliances in every Nigerian home.

The truth is that Nigerians like entertainment shows like sports, Nollywood movies (even foreign movies), news and music a lot, and would do anything to have a television at home.

This trend has made the purchase of television sets a very popular activity for Nigerian parents and even single people living alone.

Although some people may say that televisions are not as popular as before because people now have online TV and can watch the TV from their mobile phones and laptops, but the truth is that TVs are not only for domestic use.

Even companies, corporate firms and many organizations have TVs.

This means that if you can market your online business properly and attract huge paying customers that need TV supplies, then you would make it big in the market.CLICK TO TWEET

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to learn how to market your Television products online

Products to Sell Online #10: Furniture

products to sell online


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

There is no home, office or room whatsoever without a piece of furniture.

From chairs, tables, beds, boards, doors to sofas, furniture come in different sizes and for different purposes for every home, office or room.

To start a furniture selling business online, you would need to either be a manufacturer, supplier or both and design strategies to target the specific people who are likely to buy your products.

Furniture Products

  1. Chairs (home or office)
  2. Tables
  3. Office desks
  4. Beds
  5. Doors (home or office)
  6. Kitchen furniture
  7. And many more.

Click here to learn how to market your furniture products online

Products to Sell Online #11: Jewelry

products to sell online

Are you thinking of starting a jewelry business and you are thinking if the business is still profitable in Nigeria?

Well, that’s a good decision because jewelry business in Nigeria has been around for ages.

It is one business in Nigeria that is highly lucrative and people are making so much money from it. It is a great business especially for those who are creative and love to work with their hands.

Come to think of it, everyone wears some sort of jewelry or the other.

Be it a wedding band, a necklace, a wristwatch, earrings, everyone at some point adorns themselves with pieces of jewelry.

Nigeria, of course, has even made it diverse and exciting by making so many different types of jewelry.

We have the Ankara made, wire works, beads, and so many types that no matter who you are, there must be a brand that you would love to wear.

So, if you are thinking about selling jewelry online in Nigeria, then be rest assured that you have made a good decision.

Click here to learn how to market your jewelry products online

Products to Sell Online #12: Microwave

products to sell online

As the Nigerian middle-income level is increasing, Nigerians are becoming increasingly able to purchase certain products.

One of them is microwave!

Gone are the days when microwaves used to be a luxury kitchen product. These days, many families now have microwave ovens at home in their kitchens.CLICK TO TWEET

And it’s not just about homes. Many Nigerian companies and organizations are also purchasing microwaves for use in the office.

What this means is that microwaves are very lucrative products to sell online in Nigeria.

Click here to learn how to market your microwave products online

Products to Sell Online #13: Baby Products

products to sell online

Who doesn’t want their babies to have amazing childhood experiences?


From clothes to toys, baby products are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria because many parents and guardians pay serious attention to giving their young children the life of their dreams.

Baby products are also very profitable because they are relatively cheaper than adult products but usually come in more purchase quantities.

So, if you’re thinking of selling baby products online, here are some major products you should focus on.

Baby Products

  1. Baby clothes
  2. Toys
  3. Storybooks
  4. Games
  5. Shoes
  6. Baby food
  7. Diapers
  8. And many more.

Click here to learn how to market baby products

Products to Sell Online #14: Generators

products to sell online

Due to some problems with electricity supply in the country, generators are in high demand these days.

It is annoying when you are watching a TV show and suddenly the electricity goes off.

For this situation, people need to have their own source of power.

Generators become the only solution. In Nigeria today, there are hundreds of millions of generators at home, office, shops, markets, everywhere.

Generators are not only for rich families, but poor people also buy it and couple families can share it.

Until the situation gets better and the supply system improves, people would still buy this alternative source of energy.

So, if you can position your online business well to sell generators, then you would be assured to make a lot of money form the industry.CLICK TO TWEET

Click here to learn how to market your generator products

Products to Sell Online #15: Building Materials

products to sell online

A house or factory cannot be built without any building material.

That is why building material is always needed for construction.

These days, more new buildings are built and more people want to build a house of their own. In big cities, such as Lagos, building materials are in high demand.

You can sell or deliver blocks, cement, iron rods, aluminum roofs, shovels, head pans etc, are currently hot commodities in the Nigeria market.

Building Products

  1. Cement
  2. Wood
  3. Aggregates
  4. Roofing materials
  5. Floor Tiles
  6. Plumbing materials
  7. Glass
  8. Electrical materials
  9. And many more

Click here to learn how to market your building materials

Products to Sell Online #16: Power Banks

products to sell online

Now let’s move on to more serious goods and take a look at a small-sized, but a very powerful product.

Lately, power banks have been in high demand everywhere in the world.

If your phone is out of battery and your battery literally dies, you would need this little helper for emergency situations. It charges your phone’s battery and extends battery life for 7-8 hours.

It is perfect for use at work, in school, on the road and in general anywhere, if your battery is dead.

They come in different capacities and very often have portable, convenient size.

Products to Sell Online #17: Information

products to sell online

You are reading this post because you need information.

Knowledge is power, right? This blog exists because I know millions of young Nigerians need information to get out of poverty and become successful.

I don’t sell this information but I still make money because I’m able to satisfy people’s appetite for information.

The most expensive, high-in-demand commodity on the planet is information. Because without this post, you would not know the lucrative products to sell online.CLICK TO TWEET

So what information do you possess that people need? Here are some products you can sell.

Information Products

  1. Ebooks
  2. Courses and training
  3. Membership site
  4. Webinars
  5. Sample documents
  6. Templates
  7. Services
  8. Public speaking

Click here to learn how to market your information products

Products to Sell Online #18: Food and Groceries

products to sell online

Who does not like to enjoy a delicious and nourishing meal? Of course, food is important for every person in any country.

Selling food and making food is a very profitable business. The food you want to sell could be raw, cooked or processed.

You can open your own little café or be a chef in the street food business.

Food business may vary from fried corn and fried meat sold on the streets to the luxurious and marvelous cuisine of Nigeria served in restaurants.

If you decide not to cook, but to sell food, then you can distribute it or have a wholesale business.

If you want to distribute food products, a local small store with plenty of snacks and goods will be a good solution.

Also, you can do delivery of food to people’s home.

But when it comes to food, many Nigerians are sensitive to hygiene and quality so you have to be able to market your food and grocery business properly to get these customers.

But when it comes to food, many Nigerians are sensitive to hygiene and quality so you have to be able to market your food and grocery business properly to get these customers.CLICK TO TWEET

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Products to Sell Online #19: Office Supplies

products to sell online

A lot of companies set aside big budgets for purchase of office supplies, stationery, furniture and even to maintain or update existing ones.

Some of the office supplies you can sell include:

  1. Computer
  2. Cabinet
  3. Stationery
  4. Furniture
  5. Electricals
  6. And many more.

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Products to Sell Online #20: Perfumes

products to sell online


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

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Who doesn’t like to smell nice?


Opening a perfume business can set you on the road to financial independence, but you should only venture out on your own after you have completed your research and created a business plan.

Decide what popular-selling perfume lines you will carry in your business and locate a wholesale distributor.

You will then need to determine how much you will charge customers for your perfume.

This will be based on markup from the wholesale price.

Take advantage of the quickly growing number of Internet shoppers and sell your perfume online.

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So there you go.

These are top 20 of the most highly demanded products that you can sell online in Nigeria.

Pick one or a couple of products, which you like and start to plan your business today.

One more suggestion is to research the local situation on the market and find out which product has the highest price now. This way, you can lower the price a bit and attract more customers.

But is that all?

Not so fast.

It doesn’t end there buddy…

…there are many products to sell online in Nigeria and more are springing up day after day. I will continuously update this post to reveal some more lucrative products to sell and make money online.


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11 Digital Marketing Skills to Boost Your CV in 2020: What Recruiters Want

Digital Marketing SkillsPossessing top digital marketing skills are now a crucial part of any modern day business, career and employers.  To stay competitive, you need the most important digital talents and skills.

Digital marketing can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the right skills and talent.

But with the right digital marketing skill set, online marketing will be as easy as pie.

Today, 40% of the world population are online.

The first billion was reached sometime in 2005, while the second billion in 2010.

Also, the third billion was reached in 2014.

This massive growth in internet usage has made the digital marketing industry worth several tens of billion dollars.

The growth in digital marketing has rapidly increased the need for more talented hands and practical digital marketers.

That is the reason there’s an increase in digital advertising agencies around the globe.

As the industry is continuously evolving, there is also a need for every marketer to stay advanced along with the newest advancements and innovations.

But then, many surveys say there is a talent gap in digital marketing. While the need for digital marketing skills has never been higher, the digital skills gap has never been wider as well.

Almost 90% of digital marketers lack technical digital marketing skills, and only 8% stay active in this regard.CLICK TO TWEET

This discrepancy can provide you with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your value and competency, if only you would learn these 10 basic, yet technical and most recruitable digital marketing skills.

Through our digital marketing training course and digital marketing blog, we are so keen to help members develop their digital marketing skills and of those in their team.

Over the last couple of years, I have had the pleasant opportunity to meet with dozens of digital marketing executives to gain an understanding of the digital marketing skills needed to succeed in their various organizations.

From this experience, I have been able to come up with this article on the various Digital Marketing skills you need to succeed in your career as a Digital Marketer.

Without much ado, let’s dive into them.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Digital Marketing Skill #1: Content Marketing

top digital marketing skills


Content marketing holds its position in the top five digital marketing positions for nobody knows when.

This is because it is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract, retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

It’s the fulcrum that holds all the pieces of digital marketing together. Though the hype surrounding it has waned content remains the “king of digital marketing.”

It’s no longer the “pretty new thing” everyone is talking about, but has matured to be a mainstay cornerstone of almost any comprehensive digital strategy.

Now anyone who can plan, strategize, create and promote compelling, targeted, engaging content is in high demand from digital marketing recruiters and content marketing staffing specialists.

What makes it such a valuable skill?

Content touches nearly every component of a complete marketing program today.

No matter what field you’re in, understanding what quality, well-targetted content brings to the table is crucial to getting and retaining the attention of potential customers.CLICK TO TWEET

This is not surprising. Content marketing helps companies rank higher in search results.

Whether it’s a helpful and insightful blog post or a helpful piece of content like an eBook, it all helps to generate those valuable leads, increase website traffic and move businesses one step closer to that first-page result.

Unfortunately for you, if you don’t have excellent writing skills as a backup for different platforms, then the skills you have in SEO, SMO and email marketing will be useless.

As part of your content creation and marketing skill, you should also learn to do brand storytelling.

This involves a strategy to increase brand awareness and loyalty among consumers by providing them with compelling storylines about your business and products. 

Like Ian Rowden said; the best brands are built on great stories.”

A brand story is more than content and a narrative. The story goes beyond what’s written in the copy on a website, the text in a brochure or the presentation used to pitch to investors or customers.

Your story isn’t just what you tell people, it’s also majorly about why you are doing what you do and how it benefits them.

This is the Holy Grail for many successful content marketers and content marketing strategies.

Fortunately for you, you can learn how to become a content marketer with our content marketing and SEO course, where you would learn how to create and distribute relevant and sellable content to that positions your brand as a solution provider and generate revenue too.

Click here to learn more about the training.

Digital Marketing Skill #2: Search Engine Optimisation

top digital marketing skills

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a form of marketing focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results.

SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

The majority of web traffic is driven by the major commercial search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engines are the primary method of navigation for most internet users.

This is true whether your site provides content, services, products, information, or just about anything else.

Arising from content marketing, search engines rule a digital marketer’s life.

Since the rise of Google and the death of outbound marketing, ranking on the first page of search results has become more important than ever.

And there’s no surprise why this is. 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. In real terms, search engines handle 6,586,013,574 queries a day.

That’s six billion, five hundred eighty-six million, thirteen thousand, five hundred and seventy-four, in case you’re wondering.

Whichever way you choose to look at those figures, the ability to put a prospective employer on the first page, or even top of a search result will make you instantly attractive.

As we enter a new year, search engine algorithms are once again updated and made smarter, digital marketers will need to have the skills to produce high ranking content, while staying on top of all these updates to keep their clients content on that first page of results.

Even if you are not looking to be the person in ultimate charge of SEO, knowing the benefits and practices of good SEO will make you a better marketer and better teammate.

Learning the ropes of SEO will allow you effectively and confidently make directions to others or take action when needed.

For this year, beyond keyword implementation, there are a number of things you should focus on.

Look at Search Engine Result Page (SERP), learn how to analyse your rankings and spot threats to your rankings.

You should also be learning about structured data, voice search and mobile search optimization.

SEO can be both a creative and technical challenge, so learn how to do optimisations on your website and off it.

To kick-start your SEO career, you should be familiar with Moz and SEMRush tools to become the competitive applicant who can find out the customers’ behaviour and fill those positions that many companies are now earmarking huge budgets for.

Digital Marketing Skill #3: Website Design and Programming

top digital marketing skills

Coding is an invaluable skill to add to your skill stack.

The beauty is that you don’t have to be a code geek (though it wouldn’t hurt being one), basic level of skills and understanding will equip you to advance in the job market.

With a basic level of HTML, CSS and other common coding languages, you demonstrate to employers you know how to troubleshoot basic problems without help from IT.

And if you’re beyond the basics, even better!

Gone are the days when digital marketers can get away with not knowing basic coding.

Today, you can do almost nothing without some bit of coding. In 2017, 20% of entry and mid-level jobs required HTML and CSS skills from digital marketers. This year, this trend will expectedly continue to increase, as demand increases.

Instead of businesses outsourcing another person to make basic HTML and CSS changes on content, this job is now given to in-house digital marketers or technical growth marketers.

Marketers who can make small programming modifications in the backend of websites, design engaging email campaigns with HTML and improve landing pages will be in more demand than those who cannot.

Want a crash course on basic coding, sign up for free online HTML and CSS tutorials on sites like W3Schools.

Digital Marketing Skill #4: Data Science and Analytics

top digital marketing skills 1

Data is growing faster every day, and by 2020, it will be 1.7 megabytes of new information.

If you’ve found a passion for crunching numbers, adding data analysis and science to your stack could be an excellent career move.CLICK TO TWEET

You’ll be in a prime position where digital analytics staffing or recruitment experts will be knocking at your door.

In the current digital marketing landscape, marketers have an abundance of data to gain insights from.

We can drill down into our customer’s personas, discover their wants and pain-points, pinpoint exactly their location on the buyer’s journey they are and determine which messages to send to them to move them one step closer to purchasing our products.

It is because of this volume of data that analytical skills are more important than ever.

There’s no point in being good at creating an engaging digital campaign if you cannot analyse the results, reduce bounce rates, click though rates, impressions, attract better leads and reproduce the campaign’s success using analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Hotjar, etc.

That’s why marketing operations are increasingly turning to data science recruiters to help them find experts capable of reading and interpreting those mountains of information.

As a data analysis expert with data science skills, you can step to help sort, organize, and (most importantly) extract meaning and actionable insights from these huge data landfills.

Turning all this mined data into something tangible and valuable is a highly sought after skill.

Right now, you should focus on expanding your knowledge of analytics tools beyond Google’s suite.

Learn how to analyse e-commerce statistics.

The world of digital marketing is always evolving and the skills needed are in constant need of refreshment, and adding data science and analytic skills to your bag of tricks should not be up for debate at all.

Digital Marketing Skill #5: Marketing Automation

top digital marketing skills 2

Marketing automation is basically a software that allows digital marketers to automate tasks and marketing actions for desired outcomes.CLICK TO TWEET

This can be used for repetitive tasks that allow the businesses to modernize, computerize, determine the promotion functions and as well workflows, so as to save quality time and increase the operational effectiveness and revenue.

Marketing automation is very much valuable for small and medium-sized businesses.


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

The standard features that it includes are Email Marketing, Landing pages, social marketing, Lead Management, Campaign Management, Marketing Analytics and more.

Though, to utilize these technologies possibly for business, the team should have an expert who knows the perfect ways to make use of them.

With over 4000 marketing automation solutions available, staying on top of them all can be an impossible job for digital marketers.

However, it is a necessary evil to monitor them and determine which ones are the most valuable in order to become an indispensable asset.

Digital marketers who are well skilled in their industry’s marketing automation tools, and keep their finger on the button for new ones emerging, will be far more valuable to companies looking to save more time and improve workflow from automation.

To make sure you are one of them, take advantage of the free certification courses many of these platforms like Hubspot, Hootsuite and Marketo offer.

Digital Marketing Skill #6: Social Media Management and Marketing

top digital marketing skills 3

By now, you should already know the revolutionary power of social media.

Social networks have massive, highly engaged audiences that should be valuable marketing territory.

Social media has become entrenched in our everyday lives and routines. Nearly one-third of the population is currently using some type of social media platform.  

This is why businesses are looking to capitalize on this unique digital marketing skill to drive new business opportunity.

Having a social media marketing skill qualifies you to become a social media manager whose major responsibility is to manage contents on social media pages.

You need to develop an understanding of unique copywriting, colour psychology, analytics, and visual marketing to improve your social media skills.CLICK TO TWEET

But in an environment where anyone can fire off a tweet in a matter of seconds and have it lost in a sea of other messages, images, links and more, it’s hard to make your voice heard.

Sometimes the best way to ensure your message is heard is through sponsored posts, paid ads, and influencer marketing.

To capture target audiences more quickly and efficiently, brands increasingly realize the advantages of working with paid opportunities.

That’s where you come in.

You can maximize your company’s advertising results with paid social media advertising; either working in a social media advertising agency or as a freelance influencer marketer.

However, despite this, Small Business Trends reports that 24% of small businesses don’t use social media at all. Many will have to adopt at some point, meaning that they will need to hire staff.

This year, you should be focusing on social media ad management, community management, customer service and the increasing engagement in engaging content like Facebook and Instagram live stories.

Digital Marketing Skill #7: Email Marketing

top digital marketing skills 4

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.CLICK TO TWEET

It’s one of the oldest digital channels marketers have had to reach customers, yet it continues to have one of the highest click-through rates and ROI out of any other marketing outlet.

Emailing is a mainstay in the marketing toolbox, but marketers need to continuously update and innovate their email tactics, like including automation techniques, in order to adapt to changing user expectations.

Smart businesses, agencies, and digital marketing recruiters are hungry for email marketing staffing candidates and full-time digital pros who can help them grow, retain, and delight email subscribers.

Moreover, with social media channels turning to algorithmic feeds and Google trying to increase reliance on their paid ads, it’s crucial for brands to control where, when and how they are presented to their audience. Strong email marketing provides those capabilities.

Digital Marketing Skill #8: Video Editing and Graphics Design

top digital marketing skills 10

Today, video has become a powerful storytelling medium.

It is not only for a brand’s business promotional campaign, powerful ideas, content marketing effort, but is also the best medium for developing the best relationship between the brand and its audience.

This explains why many companies invest hugely in video content marketing.

YouTube, as one of the largest search engines in the world, consume and generates millions of engagements daily.CLICK TO TWEET

But due to scarcity of necessary skills, many of them fail to make success in video content marketing.

If you uprightly spend the time to learn about this, then it is for sure that you will get a larger audience and as well can expand your brand all over and make it memorable.

The value of video is seen all over the internet:

With those figures in mind, learning how to make and market video is a no-brainer.

Familiarise yourself with the hardware and technical basics of filming video, particularly live-streamed video such as Facebook Live and Periscope.

Get to know editing programmes and how to put together a basic video, and market that video afterwards, by adding meta tags, titles and descriptions to the video.

Graphics Design

Graphics design skills have almost become a basic life survival skill for every tech savvy individual.

However, unless you work in a medium to large corporation, many businesses are not able to afford an in-house graphic designer for their content.

This is why digital marketers need to be able to help produce attractive visual aids like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram graphics that help their client’s content to convert and bring in quality leads.

Design sites like Canva make it easy for digital marketers to create attractive content for a variety of platforms with their ready to go templates and offer tons of resources to help you improve your eye for design.

Digital Marketing Skill #10: Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

top digital marketing skills 6

Did you know that the right digital marketing strategy will drive the desired sales and customers to grow your business?

Do you know that 46% of brands don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy, while 16% do have a strategy but haven’t yet integrated it into their online marketing?

All in all, what makes a successful digital marketer is his ability to carry out proper planning using the right strategy.

Knowing when and which strategy to use is something that makes or breaks any digital marketing campaign.

The complexity of planning a great online marketing strategy won’t allow you to run a successful campaign, and that’s why I’ve compiled the 5 important steps you need to plan a successful marketing strategy.

5 Important Steps you need to Plan a Successful Marketing Strategy

  1. Define what you want and set the goals.
  2. Analyse your past failures and learn from them.
  3. Understanding is key, remember who you’re talking to and speak in a language they will understand.
  4. Do not spend beyond your budget, identify your means and stick with your budget.
  5. Be flexible, know when to stick to a plan and when to adjust.

Like I said, there’s no real digital marketer who does not have the ability to plan and carry out strategies that will succeed.

That’s why we included this as an important digital skill you need to succeed in your digital career.

If you attend our training today, we will teach you the complexities of planning, buying and executing a marketing campaign that integrates traditional marketing with all digital activities, including display advertising, search engine marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and social media.

Digital Marketing Skill #11: Online Advertising and Customer Acquisition

top digital marketing skills 7

You must have come across the word “Online advertising” before, right?

Online advertising is sometimes referred to as paid channel marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.CLICK TO TWEET

If you are consistent with digital marketing practice, then you should In one way or another seen or heard the word “Online Advertising”.

Online advertising is sometimes referred to as paid channel marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Whichever the case, the ultimate goal of Online Marketing is to drive consistent traffic to your website.

Online marketing is an important skill for any wannabe digital marketer to have, with this skill you can carry out lots of effective advertising campaigns to drive and acquire paying customers.

Online advertisement is a billion dollar industry, with digital ad spending worldwide hitting $137.53 billion in 2014 and accounting for one-quarter of total media spending.

With this said, don’t you think taking up Digital Marketing as a career is going to pay off?

Let’s go ahead and see what online advertising really is…

What is Online Advertising?

According to Wikipedia, Online advertising, also called online marketing or Internet advertising or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.

Online advertising is the activity of attracting public attention to a product or business through electronic media.CLICK TO TWEET

Also, knowonlineadvertising gave a crystal clear definition of digital marketing, “the activity of attracting public attention to a product or business through electronic media.”

Here are some personal qualities a great online advertiser must have.

A Freelance Content Strategist, Christina Adames shared on LinkedIn this wonderful piece. I will just list them out for you know the various qualities of an effective online advertiser.

# Conviction: Effective advertisers understands the importance of craft and believe in their work. For you to be hireable, you need to be sure and confident of your advertising services


There is no way around this.  This is not a marketing tactic but due to our platform, we have limited seats available for this Training and no replay option available. It’s a “Now or Never” kind of opportunity…. After completing the form, you will be redirected to the page to watch the Free Digital Marketing Training.

Free Training Starts 8th July 2020

Regardless of your artistry and intuition, you need to stand your ground sometimes and let the hirer know the best strategy for their products.

# Artistry: An artist has a rare ability to connect with the human soul and this can’t be taught. When it comes to online advertising, your artistry must come-in-play and display your artistic qualities in each and every unique ad campaign you run.

A good online advertiser should display an honest attitude when it comes to advertising a particular product.CLICK TO TWEET

#Detailed understanding of the Product: No business will offer you an advertising job if you don’t know “what, how, why and where” of a product. You must have a proper and a well-detailed knowledge of the product you intend to market.

#Honesty: Honesty for sure is an important attribute for everyone, who wants to work with a dishonest person? A good online advertiser should display an honest attitude when it comes to advertising a particular product.

Of course, gimmicks and marketing trick works, but giving an honest view about the product is ideal.

#Influence: An effective advertiser should and must have the ability to influence and promote different products and services.

#Intuition: What does this mean? According to English dictionary, it means an immediate cognition without the use of conscious rational processes.

A great online advertiser must be intuitive with marketing online. With this traits, they can look deep into prospective buyers emotions and their intuitive response to running ads and their responses.

#Perception: Lastly, having a perception of your audience perception is paramount. It as well, important traits for any online advertiser.  An advertiser should have an understanding of how audience reads or listens so as to create a message in the right context.

If you’re ready to jump in the pool of Online Marketing, why not attend our training today and learn how to become a top Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram advertiser.

Click here to learn more about the training. 

We will give you essential skills to plan, run and manage an effective online advertising campaign using Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram Ad, YouTube Ads, Gmail Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

You will learn how to effectively target and re-target ready to buy customers to achieve demonstrable ROI.


Although it’s important to establish a niche level of expertise in a special field…

A sought-after digital marketer today needs to encompass at least some sort of basic knowledge in all of the disciplines we’ve discussed above.

These 11 skills simply cannot be ignored in the midst of today’s digital world and our digital marketing training will surely get you started the right way.

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