The Anatomy Of A Good Landing Page That Converts Leads

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A landing page is a web page that is primarily designed and optimised for the sole purpose of generating quality leads. Having a useful landing page is an absolute necessity as it should be tailored towards the brand or business you represent.

That being said, it is necessary to get the design of your landing page right, coupled with other key elements to be able to attract and gain the loyalty of majority who land on the page.

Among other things, we shall take a look at the features that are vital for your landing page to have all it needs to gather leads continually.

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1 What You See in a Good Landing Page

1.1 No navigation in a Good landing page:
1.2 Attractive Headline with Unique Selling Point (USP)
1.3 Attractive Subheading In A Good Landing Page
1.4 Engaging media
1.5 Lead magnets
1.6 Call-To-Action (CTA)
1.7 Social proofs

What You See in a Good Landing Page

No navigation in a Good landing page:

As we mentioned already, a good and well optimised landing pages are to generate leads, and it is meant to be an isolated box. Having a menu and other options means your visitor now have the choice to visit other web pages, defeating the purpose of having them remain on that one page for the duration of their stay.

Good Landing Page


While you retain the creative rights to make your landing page look good, it is advised that you go for a standard outlay, as having a complicated page could generally defeat the goal.

Attractive Headline with Unique Selling Point (USP)

A good and optimised landing page must have an attractive headline which should pass the seven seconds test. This test entails that within seven seconds of anyone landing on your page, they should have a good idea of what product or service you are into.

Good Landing Page

This would generally make them have a feeling that they are indeed in the right place and are encouraged to scroll further and opt in to your newsletter.

Attractive Subheading In A Good Landing Page

The purpose of this is to shed more light on the headline by providing more description to it. For this sole reason, the subheading is needed to make for a good landing page and should not deviate from the message being passed by the headline.

Good Landing Page

Having an engaging subheading keeps their mind on the other benefits of becoming loyal to your brand and increases their sense of satisfaction on the expected result, which is the solution to a need of theirs.

Engaging media

Having the proper images and videos on your landing page is a vital component of how optimised your page would be. A good and optimised landing page must have highly engaging media which would seek to attract and retain the attention of all who land on your page.


Adding a touch of professionalism to your mages or videos would go a long way in telling people that you mean business and makes your landing page that much cleaner.

Lead magnets

Your lead magnet is an offer which is meant to entice people enough to have them opt-in. A good landing page must have suitable lead magnets which might be in the form of an E-book, an additional service or other benefits which are attached to purchasing from your brand in the long run.

For instance, you can offer a free consultation to anyone who lands on your page, nudging them to drop their email address for further nurturing. To make this even more attractive, you can take it a step further by offering free delivery services or another form of a lead magnet, which is more suitable for your brand.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

This is the desired action which you want people to take once they land on your page. It varies from product to product, hugely dependent on what your brand is all about and what you need them to do.

Keep in mind, the need to have a CTA which is equivalent to your offer as it gives people an idea of what is required of them once they land. If you are offering a free E-book as your lead magnet in exchange for their details, a ‘Get Free E-book Now’ CTA would automatically make them give you the necessary information, and in return, you get to nurture them further.

Social proofs

Another vital feature of a good and well optimised landing page is the likes of testimonials, success stories, ratings and reviews which seek to inform people who land on your page that your brand is credible and others have purchased your product or service.

Seeing these forms of social proof goes a long way in clearing some kind of doubt which they might have had and strengthen their belief in your brand, seeing as I worked out pretty well for others and would work for them too.

Once the above mentioned have been properly done and optimized, your landing page is well on its way to converting traffic to leads and giving you the opportunity to nurture them at the moment and have them make purchase at some point.

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